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Comment Re: NSA/CIA Chilling effects, billion lost. (Score 2) 204

That's not what he's claiming, he says that now that people know about the nsa shenanigans they won't buy "USA made" it goods. Nowhere does he say that other governments don't spy, but as long as we don't know for sure they look like the better deal over the USA.

Comment Re: Gross, but... (Score 1) 618

I still don't get one thing: if it's legal there's still the problem of an addict getting enough money to fuel their raging addiction. I a lot of the stories I hear about addicts it's usually that that drives them to crime and prostitution. I'm all for legalising drugs but I think legalising drugs like these would result in more crimes being committed to get the now legal stuff. Also heroin is one of those drugs where it's way to easy to develop a crippling addiction unlike say marihuana. IMHO there's more to it being illegal then the usual rhetoric.

Comment Re: Storage. (Score 1) 232

I'm wondering about that for a longer time: what do you mean by rebooting a lot? I know no one that leaves their pc on 24x7. Maybe because I'm from Europe and our energy costs are a lot higher but we all shutdown our pc and laptop (and various other equipment, standby is not used when you're not planning on using it soon) when we're done with them. And I don't mind the 20 seconds extra wait when cold booting. So, is it an "American" thing or am I missing something here?

Comment Re: Same as last time (Score 1) 559

It greatly depends on where you live I suppose. Over here (Europe) the small economic turtles are a lot easier to handle on the roads here then the big muscle cars. And for Europe, I agree with the GP: driving like that on our smaller, more twisty roads, is very dangerous. The smaller economic cars have more space to manoeuvre and can cut corners tighter (remember: lower speeds) then the big muscle cars. Also, most people here drive compact economic boxes and that helps as well I'm sure :-)

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

I believe over here it's popular to use polyurethane foam sold in cans. Apparently there's a small opening in the housing where you can empty the can in. As it hardens out it expands and most camera's go "pop" under the pressure..

Some photo's to give a general idea:

Comment Re:Somebody has to say it (Score 1) 112

I'd be interested to read about this "violin test", as someone who plays multiple instruments there's certainly a quality difference in the sound a cheap 60 dollar acoustic guitar produces versus it's more expensive brother I bought last year. Even using the same strings it has a different sound to it. Same with the stereo equipment I have, it's not in the $10.000 category but at least I can pick out the difference between the cheap stuff and the bit more expensive stuff.

Isn't this really just about diminishing returns? Because I have to agree that someone who pays 10.000 for the turntable is overdoing it.

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