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Comment: Re: Drone It (Score 1) 659 659

Vietnam was a failure because we backed the French in the first place with no incentive on our part, thus breaking the first rule of warfare. Namely, never back the French when led by Frenchmen. Corsicans and women are acceptable. Well, that and because we allowed PR to influence the course of the entire war.

Comment: Re: What are... (Score 1) 273 273

Yeah, the American Revolution was the NWO, meant to cast down the monarchies and oligharcies that were all the rage. Then of course the French had to go and fuck it all up by setting the prime example of what not to do that every manaical asshole flavor of totalitarian has been trying to top since.

Comment: Re: Whats so repugnant? (Score 1) 183 183

*blinks* Where to begin. 1. there were multiple waves of human* exodus from Africa. 2. Later waves interbred with previous waves. 3. One wave, which was probably homo erectus, only interbred with the Denisovians. 4. The idea that advancement was equal is stupid. That the time period for advancement was the same (which is objectively untrue as groups living in one place would have more opportunities for advancement than nomads) has no effect on rate of advancement.

*for Genus values of human.

Comment: Re: so what you're saying is (Score 1) 639 639

Calling Paul an anti-vaxxer is more than a little bit disingenuous, but then you're obviously a democrat so I suppose that's stating the obvious. Paul's position is that forcing all parents(not just parents sending their kids to public school) to get their kids vaccinated is a morally wrong use of government force. He's certainly never supported the supposition that vaccines cause autism.

Comment: Re: Fabricating an assualt rifle in California... (Score 1) 391 391

It wasn't the GCA. It was an illegal(deemed passed by that pile of dogshit Rangel late at night without any actual vote count thus violating the House's own procedure) amendment to an otherwise sterling piece of legislation called FOPA.

Comment: Re:Great Recession part II? (Score 2) 743 743

By the start of the crisis in 2007 Countrywide held over a 15% share of the subprime mortgage market. The thing is, they were constantly selling their loans to other people. In reality, they were probably the issuers of close to half the subprime market loans from 1994 to 2008. Countrywide was in bed with the Clinton administration They were the ones who directly pushed for the expansion of the subprime loan market. Not to mention the real estate bubble while not entirely connected to the dot-com bubble was supremely inflated as it collapsed and investors scrambled for 'safe' investments.

Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 228 228

You'd also have to break it down by how much control the CCA had over the industry and how they exercised that control and then by art style. Also you'd want to look into current CEO's and see if there's any trend there. Merely ascribing it to time or some feminist hook seems to be immensely shortsighted. Of course, she is in high school, so that might be why the science portion of her science project was so shitty.

Comment: Re:Sooooo...... (Score 1) 776 776

That's because it's a pretty damn good film. Not really a Mad Max movie though unless you dump the prior continuity. And wait for the director's cut. There looked to be a pretty large amount of exposition cut so as to keep the tempo as redlined as possible.

As for the claims of the MRA's the beliefs of the harem members were rather jarring compared to the rest of the cast, but in large part that was the point since it was pretty clearly shown that they were bullshit by the existence of the older women in the film. The fact that there were zero men and that the only reason they trusted Hardy was because Furiosa vouched for him is a pretty clear indication that they killed all the prior men they came in contact with. Not all of them would have been harmful. Not exactly the act of a peaceful group of people. The girls though did nothing but dream of a distant utopia and center their worldview on how all the faults were the cause of men. Barring of course the redhead who was certainly the most grounded harem member, though how she would have even learned what manifest destiny was I'm not quite certain. Then again if the old biddy in the harem was the one teaching them I can see how she would have centered the 'evils' of the prior age on such a concept.

The tripartite Merchants of Death were rather cliché and silly. Religion, guns and capitalism? Bullet Town and Gas Town within spitting distance of one another and the Citadel? Not to mention the fact that apparently Bullet Town had the machinery from 12 different gun manufacturers including Heckler and Koch which I'm pretty sure does not have a manufactory in Australia at all.

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