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Comment But only in their own country.. (Score 1) 500

Funny since a couple of years back, they had a political dispute with Belgium (neighbouring country) because almost every dutchie passes through belgium on their holidays by car (which during juli and august makes about 35%!!! of all highway traffic) and Belgium wanted to start using a tax-vignet ( like swiss) which you had to buy if you wanted too use their Highways.. The Netherlands pushed this out by threatning with "economical boycots" and continue too use the Belgian roads free of charge...

Submission Facebook deletes fanpage of Belgian radiostation

Noctris writes: The offcial fan page of Studio Brussel was deleted today by facebook without any prior notice. It was already impossible to post messages since last tuesday but today, they erased the whole page which had over 115.000 fans.

The station has requested the reason behind this decision but apparently an answer could take upwards of a month.

Comment Same in Austria and Italy (Score 1) 483

You can check the studies, the state here in the USA that removed speed limits reduced traffic accidents.

When the speed limits were put back in, accidents increased again.

In my state, officials openly admit speed enforcement generates revenue. The figure was a significant proportion of the state budget.

It's not for safety, it's an indirect tax.

If you look at the hard data on accidents, the vast majority occur at low speeds.

I have yet to be at fault in an accident, but I have been hit multiple times. Each time it was at low speed. Each time it was due to a driver not paying attention.

As much as I hate to say it, if you consistently have accidents in a situation, a study might reveal WHY accidents occur there. If it were do to speed, all our police officers, ambulance drivers, firemen and race car drivers would all be dead by now.

As others have pointed out, I'm afraid the technical solution won't be to fine fast drivers who avoid accidents, but to change the circumstances encouraging accidents.

Well, everyone knows that in germany you can drive at unlimited speeds at some parts of the "Autobahn".. but recent tests in Austria and Italy, where they raised the maximum speed on a part of road to 150 Km/h (austria) and unlimited (italy), the accidents dramatically DECREASED.

Why ? well.. if you are driving jolly 120 Km/h ( regular speed limit in most countries here) and someone is passing you at 150 Km/h, you don't expect him to be driving this quickly and might misjudge when changing lanes thinking you have the room and time to do so.. when you KNOW that he could be driving that speed, cause it is allowed.. you will be a lot more carefull. The same goes for driving at higher speeds.. as someone who drives quite a lot in Germany, i can tell you that you are paying a lot more attention when driving 180 Km/h or faster, then when you are "cruising" at 120 Km/h fiddeling with your ipod, phone, whatever...

Comment Marketing.. not technical (Score 1) 483

I agree with the majority here. If you really want to work towards a solution, marketing is probably going to work better then building speedcams without law enforcement standing behind you.You need sensibilisation.

A couple of things you could do:

work together with driving schools to inform new drivers of the dangers. Don't do this soft. For example: here in Belgium we had a famous emergency room doctor film a bunch of accidents caused by speeding, Driving under influance etc. They didn't only show the wrecked cars but also: victims being reanimated, limbs of people that were torn off in the accident, dead bodies etc.. They had a every high shock level and many parents and people protested this campaign with following results:

The campaign hit the local (and some international) media Over and over and over.. as long as the discussion and protest was going on ( = bonus coverage)
The protests went away when after a couple of years, we were seeing results being: A LOT less casualities with young drivers ( which the campaign was aimed against.. people between 18 and 21 which only just got their license and crashed due too speeding or something)

Another campaign can be directed towards the "already driving" people.. even there shock effects can work. And you can try to get them where it hurts: You could die, your kid could be killed or crippled at those speeds..etc.. try to get a feel of what would effect them.. cause simply saying "you could have an accident" doesn't do it.. you must SHOW them

and last but not least: get governement involvement.

The campaign for the young drivers was started privately but the organisation doing it, grew out to become a part of the governements traffic department. Get their attention, you can even "taunt" the government and law enforcement a bit in your campaigns (which happened here too) so the population will start to pressure them for doing something about it. once you get the first people paying attention and they start to notice and think: " why is our government not doing anything about this", it will start to lead a life on it's own...

when that is starting, THEN is the time to start talking about technologic solutions with traffic lights and speedcams.. cause before this, when in the law and mind of people these things are not official , they will be ignored resulting in an even worse situation than it already is..


Scientists Say a Dirty Child Is a Healthy Child Screenshot-sm 331

Researchers from the School of Medicine at the University of California have shown that the more germs a child is exposed to, the better their immune system in later life. Their study found that keeping a child's skin too clean impaired the skin's ability to heal itself. From the article: "'These germs are actually good for us,' said Professor Richard Gallo, who led the research. Common bacterial species, known as staphylococci, which can cause inflammation when under the skin, are 'good bacteria' when on the surface, where they can reduce inflammation."

Comment Some advice (Score 2, Interesting) 131

I work in the area of digital signage and narrowcasting (wow.. 2 buzzwords ) and we do the odd kiosk project, simply because our main knowledge center is content and how to deliver it..

From my experience there are a couple of things you need to do:

Go central. If it needs to be managed later on, you don't want ton run around swapping DVD's just to find out someone made a typo and do it all over again ( not talking about the enviromental choice of needing to burn disks on every content change)

Plan for the future.. DVD is good these days but it won't be long before everyone is demanding their neanderthaler videos in Full HD 1080p thank you very much (-> 6 Mbps at least).. running some cat 5e with 1 Gb Full Duplex will NOT get the content to those 20 Clients. Streaming might be an answer but you should test this (and with a real setup, not just hooking up 1 client and opening an HD file)

Find a good kiosk builder. As someone else said here before: these things get abused A LOT. We also do kiosks on streets which is a nightmere but even kids in a museaum with guards in it can do major damage to the machinery in the blink of an eye.

Use the right software and protocols. Don't go opensource because it's opensource. Don't remove features from your list because only commercial products offer it. Use a protocol that is designed to handle these kind of loads of content (HTTP was never designed for serving up files of 100's of MB's.. it can do it, but there are more efficient methods. Find out which one suites your project best. (could even be streaming it with VLC)

You could even consider building a software yourself if your needs are too specific

And if you can, hire a professional to check the dots before implementing. I've been in IT for a long time but nothing i have ever encountered preparred me for my current situation with audio / video solutions. it's not like apt-getting MythTV and off you go..

Comment Todler discussions (Score 1) 442

The truth is that the rule "there is no such thing as bad marketing" simply isn't true.

As long as there are blindsighted win vs linux vs mac vs bsd vs whatever.. there will always be a loser. And if you look at it, there are a lot of "linux fan's" who take every oportunity they can get to bash microsoft / other vendors. Even in on a local news site here, there are guys who just can't help themselfs but write "windows sucks, microsoft sucks" below the "windows 7 coming out soon" article.. This is actually doing more damage then good...

So yes, people grow tired of the "super operating system".. They might even have installed one of the versions the computer magazines have added on disk, erased half of their system because they couldn't figure out the installer, don't have a clue about these "partition things".. And after a while, the will grow to dislike the "brand name" by itself.. just as many here seem to start shivering when they hear "microsoft" or "windows"...

And for that reason, it's not even all that weird that they keep their "device" on a neutral ground.. because their potential customers should not be windows, linux or other lovers.. they should be people who want to play music
Data Storage

Using the Sea To Cool Your Data Center 194

1sockchuck writes "We haven't yet seen signs of the Google Navy of seagoing data centers that use the ocean for power and cooling. But data center developers are planning to use sea water air conditioning in a new project on the island nation of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Cold water from deep-sea currents would be piped ashore to be used in a heat exchanger for the data center facility. A similar system has been used to replace the chillers at Cornell University, which draws cold water from Lake Cayuga. The Cornell system cost $50 million, but has slashed cooling-related energy usage by 86 percent."

Comment Be motivated to make it work (Score 1) 1146

It sounds lame but..

My Girlfriend and I ( we are getting married in September) both come from non-divorced parents. We have both seen our parents go through rough patches and even though as a kid, you don't see the complete show (since they keep a lot behind the curtains to protect you), it did give as both the idea that marriage is not something you take for granted or should consider lightly. I took us almost 5 years to take the step but we are both confident AND determined that we can and will make this work.

As to many of our friends who's parents didn't make it, we notice they see marriage differently. They have more the "it should go automatically, if not , you should split".. They make fun of use because we see it all "too romantic" while in fact, they just seem to keep the "bail out" handle in their hands at all times. Having this emergency exit in mind, AND the insane idea that in a marriage, everything should come natural, They don't bother to work on their relationship and/or are ready to make a compromise. This has lead to several longer going relationships/marriages (3, 4, 8 years) ending...

So in short: know you want to do this, know it does not come natural. The key is not to find out what you should do to make it work, cause you can't. No book in the world can tell you how you will be thinking about things in , let's say 5 years from now.. your complete view on things can change by any sort of event (meet other pretty girl, have car crash, get sick or even reading a book).. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that as you grow individualy, try to grow together too and never ever forget that it still is something you need to work on..

In my particular case, we do projects together, even tough i'm a boring IT Geek and she is a flashy commercial chick in the banking industry, we find our common ground and play there together once in a while (concerts, books, movies/series).. For the rest, we each keep having our own thing: shopping for her, kernel recompiling for me...

Oh.. and a personal tip: if you want to do geeky projects, 3 things:

A) make sure it works ( they don't like to be locked out cause your domotics system won't open the doors anymore)
B) check with her first ( don't install a "surprise present" carputer in her brand new car. they say the like surprises but they actually don't)
C) let her have her own pc.. wanting to check your e-mails just when you killed your computer system....again.. is just asking for trouble

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