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Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 277

what a fascinating post! you definitely know the subject very well and were clearly in on the ground floor. You're absolutely right, ethics in journalism is paramount, whether we're talking about AAA videogames or war in iraq. we rely on the free press to tell us what the world is like. This is why journalism is a "noble profession", and the history and ethics of that profession are what make it different than just being a blogger.

and I think you also make a good point that whatever organic movement was quickly co-opted by people who piled on just to make noise, on both sides, because they are professional agitators. And once this happened, the whole thing turned into a shizz show.

The only remaining question mark is you. If you feel passionately that game journalism has an ethics problem, why are you trying to make this point through the #gamergate platform? You must understand that many (I would say most?) people who would otherwise be open to your message just reject it out of hand because of all the baggage.

Surely there must be a more effective platform from which you can advocate for change.

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 277

Some indie game developer (who happened to be female) received a glowing review of her game from a game journalist. Said journalist was accused of being her boyfriend and demonstrating favoritism.

this is an important statement for two reason. First, it's notable that if the event were true, then the person who committed the ethics violation was Nathan Grayson, the writer for kotaku. Yet Zoe Quinn caught all the rage and hate. If #gg was all about ethics in journalism, why was Zoe demonized? This says to me that the movement is not in fact about ethics.

Second notable thing: your statement is false on its face. Nathan Grayson never reviewed Depression Quest. See this kotaku statement. If this is incorrect, please provide the link to the review. So the entire rage against Zoe and the entire genesis of #gamergate is based on a false premise. A good question, how could so many people get so upset about an issue that can be demonstrably proven false with a simple Internet search? This confirms to me that the whole thing is invalid and about hate for uppity women.

Your thoughts on this?

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 277

1) breitbart is a notorious troll right wing 'news' site. It is the Donald trump of news aggregators.

2) the article makes no sense. It says it's the media fault because a total 'blackout' of coverage led to interest and rage. Maybe they didn't think it was a story worth covering?

3) your justification doesn't explain all the Anita sarkeesian nonsense, which was clearly about a girl getting in the boys club.

I didn't look at the rest of the links, but undoubtedly there was all sorts of nastiness going around on all sides once the issue was raging. My point was that the original ignition and first blows were all done on the neck beard side.

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 1) 277

OK, thanks for this insightful reply. I had never heard the term privelaged panic. I also appreciate you adding links for more information. tell me more about your perspective on gamergate? I think my understanding is pretty spot on. based on my understanding, the whole thing started when some women were making videogames that were outside of the mainstream and blurred the lines of what a game was. Other women were making cultural commentary videos about videogame history. I never saw any attacks on gamers or direct threats to people's identity. There was an unsubstantiated attack of an inappropriate relationship that led to favorable video game media coverage, but oddly this attack was not on the journalist who supposedly did an unethical thing.

where am I wrong?

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 0) 286

the best way for NK to get invaded is to keep waving around nuclear war bluster. WWDTD? what do you think donald trump will do? maybe it's time for the US to be rash and unstable for a change, see how everybody feels about that. maybe people like kim il sung better start staying within the lines and stop causing problems.

Comment Re:Unhelpful Whining (Score 0) 277

oh, I'm quite aware of identity politics. I see it all the time on fox news, hannity, and breitbart. "War on Christmas?" "Religious freedom"? "Feminazis"? It's all playing to hurt an indignation of white poor uneducated americans who feel left behind and carry a big grudge.

I'm familiar with gamergate as well. a reactionary neckbeard riot against people who were trying to challenge and expand what gaming meant, and who played games. "who let a girl into our basement?".

as for the negative consequences, maybe they didn't want a large industrial installation on top of what the local community feels is a natural resource? combine this with 14 years of construction, more traffic, anybody would protest it. it shure wouldn't get built in vermont, i'll tell you that much.

so maybe you should check your identity privilege before getting all butthurt about this.

Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 345

However, the situation is even worse than that. When you use jet fuel, you use it up. Depending on the type of airplane, at take off fuel is generally 25% to 50% of the mass of the plane. So one gets serious savings that one doesn't have to move all the used fuel the entire way. That doesn't work with batteries: they are the same mass and volume whether or not they are charged, and dumping them would defeat most of the point. It might be possible to do some sort of staging approach where one uses some set of batteries to nearly empty and then have them break off in a modular plane that returns to the ground site. But that itself would lead to all sorts of additional problems.

A very interesting point! I have never thought of it that way before. I would mod this +1 insightful.

when people ask me why electric vehicles aren't as good as conventional cars, I explain that gasoline and diesel are basically God's fuel. There's an enormous amount of energy in a gallon, it's a liquid at room temperature and pressure so it's easy to carry around, it doesn't explode and it's cheap and abundant. It's really hard for any alternative fuel to match most of these characteristics. And because of this, alternative fuel cars always end up limited compared to conventional cars.

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