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Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 1) 61

I dont want to see a return to that period of time, which is what a lot of people making the argument for more regulation dont seem to understand

don't worry, more stringent emissions -> more expensive prices on internal combustion engines, which lowers the cost differential with Model S's. zoom zoom!

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 1) 61

I will find it very amusing if a generation of European cars are essentially worthless now that the cheats that made them desirable are gone. German engineers are disproportionately smug in their abilities, but I think this one may have knocked them for a loop.

the fraudulent tests apply to VW, Audi, and Porsche, all owned by the VW group. BMWs and Benzes are fine, no worries, the german smugness will continue.

Comment Re:Sadly no, only ONE hits the target!! (Score 1) 61

if you *read* the fact sheet, you see that they were testing multiple car makes, and don't specify from how many OEMs. Mystery vehicle 'C' is a specific make, not a specific OEM.

I read in a news piece about the study that they measured cars from VW and BMW. I wouldn't be surprised if the VW cars are the ones that failed miserably and the BMW cars are the ones that passed or nearly failed.

Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 3, Informative) 61

This is absolutely false, posted by a well-known troll. Vdub cut engine power during car tests to meet emissions standards, then cranked it up to 11 to make it "fun to drive". The real-world emissions were 10-40x above epa standards. This is the unethical, because it relies on fraud to make money sacrificing the environment.

Passenger car emission standards are g/mi and are the same for all fuel types. Epa is exploring ways to combat this type of fraud. But any test they make needs to be objective and reproducible for all vehicles, so it may be hard to eliminate this cheat vector.

My biggest fear is that the rep of all diesel vehicles will be tarnished. This isn't fair; both Mercedes and BMW make diesels that meet all emissions requirements and are fun to drive. Diesel vehicles are more fuel-efficient than gasoline vehicles and are definitely part of the fuel mix for a low carbon future.

Comment Re:Well, yeah (Score 3, Insightful) 564

Can't take it? Go! -- No problem.

That's what she did. Linux lost a (presumably) talented coder because of inept management practices. A good manager knows his team and engages each person in a way that enables them to be most productive.
This in turn enables the team to be most successful.

Is Linux successful? Debatable. It has success in limited uses, but has never grown beyond these uses. It is a feature, not a product. Linus accomplished a lot, but what groundbreaking thing has he done in the last 20 years?

Comment Re: Expect drama (Score 1) 155

Sarkeesian on the other hand responded by playing the victim, demonizing her critics, and using the media to write

ahh, here we go. Responded to what? Responded to violent threats and doxxing. If GG and MRAs hadn't flipped out, she would have been the star adjunct professor in a women's studies department at Oberlyn.

The people who first attacked sarkeesian were nothing but a bunch of butthurt mysoginists that felt threatened by a woman saying things that hurt their self image.

Comment Re: Expect drama (Score 3, Insightful) 155

she undoubtedly cherry picks her examples. She develops a thesis based on her analysis of the industry, then makes a video about her thesis and chooses examples to illustrate it. This is what any biographer or historian or literary critic does. Ever seen PBS?

The big question is, so what? Nobody goes nuclear when Roger Ebert releases a review. Why is it such a big deal?

Comment Re:Expect drama (Score 3, Interesting) 155

Why do people get so upset at sarkeesian for making videos about ms pax man and princess toadstool? Who cares? She's not peeing on a statue of Mohammed. Tbh I enjoyed the videos, it was neat the way she traced certain themes over 4 decades of gaming. Why the knee jerk reaction to attack her?

Submission Mac OSX El Capitan becoming more like iOS?->

Noah Haders writes: Ars Technica had a detailed bit on the new security measures in El Capitan, which locks you out of the system files or system folder. They call it System Integrity Protection. Can any nerds explain what it means to users and developers? Is this the correct response to all the malware and viruses floating about? is this the iOSification of OSX?
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You will lose an important tape file.