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Comment: Re:A GPS company. (Score 1) 71

by Noah Haders (#49719223) Attached to: Apple Acquires GPS Start-Up

I'm curious on two points -- do you live in the US or overseas, and have you used the app lately? I have found that apple has taken the strategy of incremental unannounced improvements, so that things get better over time without a big release.

Second, there's something that apple maps does really well that google maps can't do at all, at least in the iphone -- siri and apple watch integration. It is soooo simple to hold down the home button and say "siri, how do I get home?" and have it automatically pull up the route. obviously, no help at all if it takes you to the wrong place!!!

Comment: Re:Probably true (Score 1) 79

by Noah Haders (#49698599) Attached to: Mobile Spy Software Maker MSpy Hacked, Customer Data Leaked

first, a better link is here:

in order to access the icloud backup and "extract data", it needs to know the user's account password. It basically downloads the icloud backup onto another phone. L33T HAx0Rs!

As a non-jeakbreak iphone user, I am always on the lookout for potential ways my phone can be hacked. When I find one, I'll let you know.


Comment: Re:The simpsons are still on? (Score 1) 214

by Noah Haders (#49698473) Attached to: Harry Shearer Walks Away From "The Simpsons," and $14 Million

I don't know if the show got worse or if I got older. for a while it was a big part of my cultural consciousness. who shot mr burns. hms pinafore. monorail. I cho cho choose you. hank scorpio. then I grew up, got into other things. maybe it's a lot of things, the show's not getting older, I'm getting older.

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