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Comment Re:Upstart? Scarebus? Comparison to Concorde? (Score 3, Insightful) 345

Plus, you're forgetting another big one. The SR first flew in 1964, the Concorde in 1969. The SR was faster, and built 5 years earlier. The Concorde very likely built on lessons learned from the SR.

how could a european plane be built on lessons learned from a classified US military project???

Comment Re:ansible (Score 1) 43

well what do you want me to say? at least I'm trying to solve a problem and make something new and exciting. you're just throwing up your hands and saying something won't work. Is that was science is all about? shutting down prominent avenues of research? what if somebody had shut Einstein down, or Copernicus, or Darwin? where would we be now?

Comment Re:ansible (Score 1) 43

we're saying the same thing. what I'm hearing is that each of us have a coin, and when we flip them they land on the same value. but the trick is, you say it only happens the first time you flip them, but I bet it happens every time you flip them, no? but then how will we know to flip them at the same time if we are a good distance apart (light years)?

Comment Re:ansible (Score 1) 43

One can take two particles that are entangled but if one changes the state of one of them, it doesn't alter the other's state, it simply breaks the entanglement.

this doesn't make sense. I thought the definition of entanglement was that two particles were linked and a change to one caused a change in the other, regardless of the distance between the particles, and this change happened at FTL.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 378

the deepest darkest secret of the medical industry is that people are generally pretty healthy and bounce back from most illnesses with no intervention needed... if this idea gets out into the wild it will "infect" the populace with the realization that drs are people in fancy coats and hospitals are expensive buildings that should be used for offices. don't even get me started on "x-rays" or "mri rays", things that are invisible are suppost to show if we're sick or not? also, they hold back on vaccines to heart disease insulin etc, it's more lucrative to treat the symptoms then solve the problem...

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