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Comment: Re:Watchdogs graphics and gameplay (Score 1) 210

Controls on foot are ok, driving is way to sensitive. Gameplay-wise, it's a GTA IV clone with a little less diversity in its side-quests and one-button hacking of stuff as a twist. Content wise, the potential for a great infowars/surveilance conspiracy is wasted and replaced with a standard crime scene.

Comment: Re:because it fucking is (Score 1) 210

Also, i tried the mod that supposedly allows the awesome graphics from the Trailers. And while being beautiful, they suck gameplay wise. Having enemies being blurred out at a distance when you try to shoot them is a no Go. The implementation of DoF was just written for the trailers and nothing else.

Comment: Re:because it fucking is (Score 1) 210

With PC at a lan party everyone has their own screen so far better multi-player gaming.

Depends on how you see it. If you are a Progaymer that sees games as a way to legthen his e-dick, sure. But Singlescreen Multiplayer is way more conductive to communication and fun. Whenever i attend PC only lans, it's an ambience like a graveyard. As soon there are Consoles involved, you get to hear a bunch of people having fun.

Gaming consoles of course do suit a particular IQ range of the video gaming market, there is not doubt about that and I'll stop there.

For someone "obviously" in a higher IQ bracket, you sure steep to low levels.

Comment: Re:T-Mobile's Reponse (Score 2) 110

by NoZart (#47366641) Attached to: FTC Says T-Mobile Made Hundreds of Millions From Bogus SMS Charges

Here in Austria, t_mobile is not that angel it's made out to be. Stuff like them trying to charge me for some SIM card related service, although my bill clearly has some SIM card service charge (which everyone on a contract gets to pay).

For me, T-Mobile acts a lot like "lets just rip em off, and the few people that actually control their bills (and complain) get refunded, some explanation about errors in the system and flagged for "no more rip offs". Bonus: these people will market our "sincerity" for us.

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