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Comment: Re:Watchdogs graphics and gameplay (Score 1) 210

Controls on foot are ok, driving is way to sensitive. Gameplay-wise, it's a GTA IV clone with a little less diversity in its side-quests and one-button hacking of stuff as a twist. Content wise, the potential for a great infowars/surveilance conspiracy is wasted and replaced with a standard crime scene.

Comment: Re:because it fucking is (Score 1) 210

Also, i tried the mod that supposedly allows the awesome graphics from the Trailers. And while being beautiful, they suck gameplay wise. Having enemies being blurred out at a distance when you try to shoot them is a no Go. The implementation of DoF was just written for the trailers and nothing else.

Comment: Re:because it fucking is (Score 1) 210

With PC at a lan party everyone has their own screen so far better multi-player gaming.

Depends on how you see it. If you are a Progaymer that sees games as a way to legthen his e-dick, sure. But Singlescreen Multiplayer is way more conductive to communication and fun. Whenever i attend PC only lans, it's an ambience like a graveyard. As soon there are Consoles involved, you get to hear a bunch of people having fun.

Gaming consoles of course do suit a particular IQ range of the video gaming market, there is not doubt about that and I'll stop there.

For someone "obviously" in a higher IQ bracket, you sure steep to low levels.

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