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Comment Re:Face it (Score 1) 126

The point is, none of this matters. Simpleton user doesn't care for privacy, never opens a command line, doesn't give a shit about registries and is not interested in running decades old software.

The superficial part of windows is working in such a way that simpleton user can get by for years without ever opening a settings screen or troubleshoot beyond "going to the steam forums and search for the same sort of crash i am experiencing"

Linux has a very thin superficial layer - Yes, you can run windows programs; but getting them is almost never only a doubleclick. Yes it can run decades old software - but in certain cases it involves something simpleton user doesn't want to do: work it. Yes it has mighty shells in form of bash and the like - but simpleton user is not interested in using a black box of text when he can just click on things.

And the performance part? Yes, linux is stronger in that part, too - but mostly in cases that are irrelevant to simpleton user. Most games i have crosstested on Linux s. Windows performance DO run better in windows. That starts with configuration stuff like just plugging in a controller and start gaming without ever needing to touch anything and ends with framerates and fidelity.

And guess what? Simpleton user is the main demographic for computers these days. The pros get by with opensource and pirating anyway, so why pander to them?

Comment Re:According to the one that left (Score 2) 152

This i understand this far.

So now, i have this black hole that i can't see. I send an object toward it. From my perspective, time slows to a halt on the sent objective at the event horizon, so it looks like it never enters. So it actually stays visible, right? Over time, the black hole would look like a big ball of stuff frozen in time? What am i missing here?

Comment Re:He's got his talking points (Score 1) 478

For Non-Pro and Enterprise Machines: Set your connection to metered. Now you can control when your updates are downloaded and installed.
For Pro and Enterprise: There's a Regkey/GPO that enables the "classic" way of updating: either download, then ask to install, or notify of download and then download and install when the user wants. (I had to do this, because i have a small pipe and Windows10 insisted on downloading - and grabbing all bandwidth - stuff while i Netflixed)

Comment The Nintendo Partnership (Score 1) 151

Nintendo created some program, so that users can monetize ther LP's - AFTER Nintendo censored them of course.

Maybe this is a step to coax those players into this program, where Nintendo can silence all critics at will?

Or they just don't want the world to know that their Mario Games can be played through in mere minutes :D
(i know that's not true for all marios, but the older ones for sure)

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