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Comment Every Day Computing (Score 0) 558 558

  • Dell E5440 with 8GB RAM and 500GB SSD
  • Linux Mint 17.1 - Mate desktop environment(will eventually switch to Xfce)

I was an avid Apple user before this laptop; that was until the iOS-ification of the Macintosh OS, and the fact that the consumer level laptops became un-upgradeable.

I use this laptop for every day computing, and as my development machine. I also have a Dell T110 server in the house for personal "cloud" purposes.

Comment An Answer To Your Question (Score 0) 550 550

What is holding everyone else back from freeing themselves from contacts and glasses?

I cannot stand to have anything in or around my eyes. I [literally] had to get drunk in order to get the Glaucoma "puff of air in the eye" test done. Were you completely drugged up during the procedure? If I could be knocked out completely for the exam and the procedure, I would definitely consider lasik; because, damn, I really hate wearing glasses.

Comment Re:Too Many Women Die from "All in your head." (Score 0) 47 47

It is a woman thing because it is incredibly difficult to diagnose any heart conditions in women from symptoms alone. Many women get told it is only anxiety or indigestion when it is actually a serious heart condition. They are told to go home and take it easy, then they die. This is not so with men. When we have heart issues, it is fairly easy to detect it from symptoms alone.

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