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Comment: Comedy gold (Score 5, Funny) 445

by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#49779067) Attached to: Creationists Manipulating Search Results

After the Flood, around 4,300 years ago, the remnant of the land animals, including dinosaurs, came off the Ark and lived in the present world, along with people. Because of sin, the judgments of the Curse and the Flood have greatly changed earth. Post-Flood climatic change, lack of food, disease, and manâ(TM)s activities caused many types of animals to become extinct. The dinosaurs, like many other creatures, died out. Why the big mystery about dinosaurs?

C'mon guys. you just can't make that kind of shit up. There isn't enough weed on the planet for that. It must be divinely inspired.

Comment: Re:Publicly Funded Research (Score 1) 39

so we maintain a public fund - state budget - which pays for them, and which everyone is forced to pay to according to their ability, which we call taxes

...which almost everyone is forced to pay according to their inability to avoid* them...

*In the form of paying for lawyers, accountants and legislators to facilitate avoiding them.

The rest of your post is right on the money. I stay awake a lot of nights wondering what the other side of that phase transition from capitalism will look like. Obviously, corporate feudalism replacing nationalism seems the most likely near term.

Comment: Re:legality (Score 4, Informative) 98

From page 10 of the referenced

Expedited Legislative Procedures

Should the above requirements be fulfilled to the satisfaction of Congress, it has agreed to follow certain expedited legislative procedures as defined in Sections 151-154 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended. In effect, these rules require that Congress must act on the bill sent over by the White House, and in other ways represent a significant departure from ordinary legislative procedures. The major rules are listed below (see Appendix C for greater detail):

(1) mandatory introduction of the implementing bill in both houses of Congress and immediate referral to the appropriate committees (House Ways and Means, Senate Finance, and others);

(2) automatic discharge from House and Senate Committees after a limited period of time;

(3) limited floor debate; and

(4) no amendment, meaning that each house must vote either up or down on the bill, which passes with a simple majority.

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