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Picture this:

You're pulling into the parking lot at work, and you know that there are only 5% of the spaces free. How long will you have to drive around before you find a place to park?
Now picture pulling into the parking lot at Disney World, and you know that 5% of the spaces are free. Now how long will you have to drive around?

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by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#48101243) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Anxiety Over US Spying Will "Break the Internet"
And by "more federated" we really mean "more feudal". What Schmidt is worried about is Google's loss of world hegemony, which is inevitable as the rest of the second and third world gets wired and/or broadband. When he talks about concerns about US spying, he's really worrying about the loss of Europe.

"It's a harder problem to solve because it's seen as personal," he [Schmidt] said. "We're very concerned that there will be a sort of 'Buy European' movement."

He doesn't really need to worry about that as much as he needs to worry about Net Neutrality. That's what's going to "break the Internet", when Comcast gets their wish of charging different content providers different rates, everyone, down to the ISP (last mile) level will eventually follow suit. Schmidt will end up paying a different rate to deliver YouTube to each individual customer. Eventually he'll have BIGGER server farms dedicated to billing, cross-licensing, etc. than he has for content today.

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