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Comment Re:Reno?? A little hot, no? (Score 2) 62

Nonsense. I lived in Reno many years ago. It's "high desert" - summertime extreme highs are in the low 90's, and it cools down to low 70's at night. The humidity is low year-round, as is precipitation. Sunshine is abundant. Linky. As to your slander of the residents, perhaps you should have spent more time hanging out with people NOT in the casino industry.

Comment Re:Nukes (Score 3, Informative) 248

1952, Chalk River, Canada: A reactor shutoff rod failure, combined with several operator errors, led to a major power excursion of more than double the reactor's rated output at AECL's NRX reactor.

Many of the other "nuclear accidents" (OMG!! OMG!!!) you're trolling are equally exciting, and this one is rated at 5 on a scale of 1-7.

Comment Re:The summary makes me quiver (Score 4, Funny) 265

As an archer, I have to admit reading that made me quiver with laughter; but then again, after I loose* an arrow, the bow does quiver for a bit.

*First correct usage of "loose" in a sentence in the history of Slashdot.

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