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Comment: Re:Gas not less CO2 on refiring coal plants (Score 0) 142

by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#48432857) Attached to: Coal Plants Get New Lease On Life With Natural Gas
Please don't bring logic and engineering to the discussion, we're busy blaming liberals and environmentalists for resisting another corporate handout. After all, it's the "envirwackos", not the NIMBY soccer moms and the timid capitalists keeping us from having a shiny nuclear plant on every block. We NEED to be spending public money to "upgrade" privately-owned, already-amortized and obsolete coal plants to inefficiently burn natural gas. It's a Christmas miracle!

Comment: Re:Dumping (Score 1) 75

by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#48409909) Attached to: Intel Announces Major Reorg To Combine Mobile and PC Divisions
LOL really? All the Android tablet makers should just fold their tents? Because "the user experience for Android on a tablet device is horrible compared to the iPad"? And "[Android] is slighty better than an ebook reader"? I'm sure they'll all discontinue making Android tablets later today. iPad/iPhone 4ever!!1!!!

And Google and Samsung disappeared in a puff of fanboyism.

Recent investments will yield a slight profit.