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Re: Irony  Thursday October 01, 2015 @06:06AM  4, Funny
Irony  Wednesday September 30, 2015 @07:54PM 3 1
   attached to Dormant Virus Wakes Up In Some Patients With Lou Gehrig's Disease
Re:Reno?? A little hot, no?  Sunday September 27, 2015 @09:12AM 1 3
   attached to Switch To Build Largest Data Center In the World In Reno
Stop the presses!  Wednesday September 23, 2015 @05:31AM 5 5, Interesting
   attached to Study: People Emit a "Germ Cloud" of Bacteria As Unique As a Fingerprint
Re:Run for your life  *Monday September 21, 2015 @02:08PM 1 3
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Herding Cats, Aging Systems?
Re:I am sure the women in the crowd will like this  *Friday September 04, 2015 @04:01AM 1 5, Funny
   attached to Ada Lovelace and Her Legacy
Re:If you can't beat em...  *Thursday September 03, 2015 @02:13PM 2 2
   attached to Brain-Eating Amoeba Scoffs At Chlorine In Water Pipes
Re:Nukes  *Tuesday September 01, 2015 @02:04PM 2 4, Informative
   attached to Citi Report: Slowing Global Warming Could Save Tens of Trillions of Dollars
Re:Expect major BIAS  *Monday August 31, 2015 @12:24AM 2 2
   attached to F-35 To Face Off Against A-10 In CAS Test
Re:The summary makes me quiver  *Sunday August 30, 2015 @08:43AM  2
Re:The summary makes me quiver  *Saturday August 29, 2015 @08:11AM 1 2
Re:The summary makes me quiver  *Saturday August 29, 2015 @08:03AM 1 2
Re:The summary makes me quiver  *Friday August 28, 2015 @07:51PM 5 5, Funny
   attached to Harshest Penalty for Alleged Rapist Was For Using a Computer To Arrange Contact With Teen
Re:it's just going to get shrugged off?  *Friday August 28, 2015 @02:10PM  2
   attached to Federal Court Overturns Ruling That NSA Metadata Collection Was Illegal
Re:Excuse me, but.... "win"?  *Monday August 24, 2015 @10:53AM 1 2
   attached to FBI Informant: Ray Bradbury's Sci-fi Written To Induce Communistic Mass Hysteria
Re:Never saw them anyway  *Saturday August 22, 2015 @08:50AM  1
   attached to Amazon To Stop Accepting Flash Ads
Re:I heard they taste like chicken  *Sunday August 16, 2015 @08:51PM 1 2
   attached to Georgia Aquarium Battles Federal Government Over Belugas
Re:Who is it for, really?  *Tuesday August 11, 2015 @06:42AM 1 2
   attached to Breathalyzer Bike Lock Stops Drunken Cyclists In Their Tracks
Re:Of course they're losing money  *Saturday August 08, 2015 @01:59AM 2 5, Insightful
   attached to Leaked Documents Suggests Uber Is 'Losing Millions'
Re:If you don't have riveting hero(s)....  *Friday August 07, 2015 @08:20PM 4 4, Interesting
   attached to Fantastic Four Reboot Released To Tepid Reception
Re:Great  *Thursday August 06, 2015 @05:31PM  3
I don't get it  *Thursday August 06, 2015 @04:41PM  3
   attached to Marvell's Kinoma Create Keeps On Creating (Video)
Halfway Open Source  *Wednesday August 05, 2015 @04:59PM  2
   attached to REMzen Claims They Can Help You Sleep Better (Video)
Haters gonna hate  *Wednesday August 05, 2015 @01:24PM  2
   attached to Parts of SOPA Hiding Inside a Boring Case About Invisible Braces

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