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Comment Re:Just follow the money. (Score 1) 174

No, it means that if you're a member, you get to (help) write the benchmark.

CAR ANALOGY: Say you're an auto manufacturer, and your cars do 0-40 in 5 seconds, but your competitor's does it in 6. Meanwhile, their car goes 0-70 in 8 seconds, while yours takes 9. Choosing which test becomes the spec makes all the difference.

Comment Re:Here's my benchmark... (Score 5, Informative) 174

I hate to break it to you, but Intel's been cheating on benchmarks since the late 70's. There have been countless stories through the years about how their compilers and processors have detected that they're running Whetstone, or SPECmark or whatever, and done something out-of-band as a result. There have also been numerous attempts by them to game the benchmark standards themselves. Think the Volkswagon diesel cheat on steroids -- Intel is famous for it.

When you say you're buying Intel for performance, you're saying that you're really buying Intel for brand-name recognition.

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