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In the first place, I think "The LAPD notionally works for the people" is closer to the truth. Judged by their behavior over the last 50 years, they should be classified as a 'street gang'.

Secondly, if the public doesn't have access to the data they're collecting, then we don't know what they're collecting. It sounds like a tautology, but the difference is very real. All we have is their word on what data they are and are not collecting, or when that changes (increases). Without access to that data, we are forced to take them at their word. Which is probably OK, because we all know that "cops never, ever, ever lie".

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by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#47688069) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?
Much as I despise posts that start with "this", I have to agree. Until Microsoft loses their fascination with whizzo shit like displaying (i.e. running) unexamined/foreign stuff as "previews" and confusing that with "interoperability", the problem will persist. They've never gotten it through their heads that all this "seamless" wonderfullness that looks so great as 2-minute demos in developer conference rollout keynotes cause unending grief for decades to come. Sometimes other companies fall prey to this kind of thinking (Firefox toolbars), but they learned it all at the feet of the masters, with Outlook previews and Word macros, and Explorer running code from .bmp files when you visit the directory... And then, of course there's IE, the crack whore of the industry, who'll have unprotected sex with ANYTHING.

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