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Comment: /etc/hosts file paranoia (Score 4, Informative) 144

The one (microscopically tiny) thing APK isn't batshit crazy about:

Comment: Re:Talk about blaming the messenger (Score 4, Funny) 230

Personally, I think that there are far more corrupt cops and corrupt politicians and so on who would abuse their authority than there are terrorists who can attack us.

Nice job, asshole. You're letting the terrists win. If WE say THEY are The Bad Guys(TM), then they're The Bad Guys, end of discussion. We have to keep data on everyone, just to keep The Bad Guys in check, and to keep YOU safe. Also, we need to be able to drone-strike any civilian at any point on the planet to protect your children and puppies and kittens from being indiscriminately killed by religious extremists living a Middle Ages lifestyle on the other side of the planet.

Comment: Re:That 'study' is full of shit ! (Score 1) 148

I was not arguing for teacher diversity* from a perspective of political correctness, I'm simply saying that we should not reject out-of-hand the notion that some groups learn better/more effectively from a member of their own race*.

* Whatever that may mean.

"Take that, you hostile sons-of-bitches!" -- James Coburn, in the finale of _The_President's_Analyst_