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Comment Re:Any NASA Brains? (Score 1) 87

The early (at least through OS/2) Microsoft developers and "architects" were VMS guys, which used the forward slash to pass command line arguments. This is how you ended up with, for example, linker arguments like /NODEFAULTLIBRARYSEARCH which could be abbreviated as /NOD. By the time heirarchical directories came around, (and they had seen UNIX) as you say, the slash was already in use, and so the backslash (the UNIX literal escape character) was used instead. A similar thing happened with CR/LF vs LF. As a result of the two, much hilarity has ensued, lo, even unto the third generation of users.

Comment Re:I wish the seven of them a good time (Score 1) 104

Yeah, it's on my shelf, too. Thing is, had it come out a few years later, the world would probably be running on it today. When the book came out, there WAS no "internet" as we think of it today; not for individual users. By the time Linux came out (from Minix), there was enough internet infrastructure in place so that people all over the world could form a virtual community to work on the source together.

Comment Re:Reno?? A little hot, no? (Score 2) 62

Nonsense. I lived in Reno many years ago. It's "high desert" - summertime extreme highs are in the low 90's, and it cools down to low 70's at night. The humidity is low year-round, as is precipitation. Sunshine is abundant. Linky. As to your slander of the residents, perhaps you should have spent more time hanging out with people NOT in the casino industry.

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