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Comment: Re:That 'study' is full of shit ! (Score 1) 147

I was not arguing for teacher diversity* from a perspective of political correctness, I'm simply saying that we should not reject out-of-hand the notion that some groups learn better/more effectively from a member of their own race*.

* Whatever that may mean.

Comment: You Congresscritters just don't understand (Score 4, Insightful) 60

by NoNonAlphaCharsHere (#49343257) Attached to: Amazon Blasts FAA On Drone Approvals, Regulations
We're a corporation, damn it. We should be allowed to do whatever we want, whenever we want it. Your petty concerns about the public airspace are needlessly impeding our relentless drive for profit profit profit. Maybe some generous campaign contributions will help you see things our way.

Comment: Re:One Word ... (Score 3, Insightful) 234

Nah. Lots of corporate campaign contributions, a few Federal lawsuits, and then there'll be a lot of sound bites about "getting the government off our backs" and "deregulation" and "states rights" and hey presto! we'll be back to monopolistic rent-seeking before you know it.

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