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Submission + - Are there any real alternatives to PayPal 1

NoNeeeed writes: "The recent shenanigans by PayPal in India has once again bought to the fore numerous tales of woe from PayPal users and warnings not to use them. However for many people the alternatives are just not viable. If you run a small home business that takes a few hundred dollars a month, or if you are trying to start a small company without outside funding, the fees associated with "proper" credit card processing are prohibitive, especially the setup and standing charges. Options like Google Checkout and Amazon Payments both require your users to sign up for yet another account, something that puts many of them off. I've spent a lot of time looking and I just can't find a decent alternative to PayPal that doesn't charge monthly fees, or requires an extra account.

So, are there genuine alternatives out there that people have used? Or will I have to stomach the charges for "proper" processing, or require my users sign up for yet another account?"

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