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Comment Why pay to beta test? (Score 1) 137

Why should municipalities be paying for these "pilots?" They're really beta-testers of new stuff. The companies should be paying for the beta test, not the taxpayers. This applies to all kinds of things, not just IoT, although I know /. commenters really like to bitch about IoT.

In my municipality, the corrupt mayoral administration wants to do waste-to-energy. Okay, great, the problem is that they want to be a beta-test for an entirely new technology - a method of fermenting municipal solid waste into biofuel. The company, Anaergia, has plants in Europe that convert cow poop, human poop, and food waste into fertilizer and some fuel, but that's very, very different than regular trash. Same bullshit. Whether it's IoT or any other domain, municipalities shouldn't be footing the bill and the risk to beta test a for-profit company's technology.

Comment Re:watch the test conditions carefully (Score 1) 416

The F-35 will win, and the pork will continue to flow to the hundreds of congressional districts that get money from the F-35. The A-10 doesn't funnel billions of dollars to congressional districts

That is no longer the case. It doesn't have anything to do with congressional districts any more, it has everything to do with campaign contributors. It used to be a congressman would go to his home district and say, "reelect me, I brought in X jobs!" But now, they simply are bribed by defense contractors from any district and then use that money on TV advertisements that convince the people in their district that the other side wants to take away their guns and their medical care, sell baby parts on eBay, and let Muslims behead their children.

Comment Re:Two wrongs don't make a right... (Score 1) 301

which will just cause someone else - presumably with better network security practices - to launch an identical service

People used the service because they thought it was a way to cheat without getting caught. While I'm sure there would be enough demand to make a future service profitable, I would expect the demand would be significantly reduced by this incident.

Comment Re:Did they make more than $750K profit by blockin (Score 1) 188

More to the point, if you keep getting fined for the same offenses, those fines are going to increase, and stronger measures may eventually be used to, if not assure compliance, then so damage the company that compliance ceases to be an issue.

So this company might stop doing it. But what about other companies doing this or other illegal things? It pretty much communicates that go you can go ahead and do whatever the heck you want until you get caught, because even after you've been busted the fine will be less than your profits. It's not like this is a new thing that they might not have known was illegal, they clearly just didn't give a shit because they knew if they got caught their illegal activity would still be profitable.

Comment Taking votes away from Sanders (Score 1) 458

If Lessig runs in the primary, he'll just be taking votes away from Sanders. Most anybody who would vote for Lessig would otherwise vote for Sanders, so if Sanders vs. Clinton would otherwise be extremely close, it could give Clinton the edge she needs to win the primary. If Lessig really cares about his ideals then he won't run.

Comment Re:You just described SoylentNews. (Score 1) 552

You've basically just described SoylentNews, a Slashdot clone that appeared when the Slashdot Beta shit really started heating up.

And you know what? I think it's clear that it's an absolute hell-hole that's worse than Slashdot today, even!

That community is small. It's small because many of the regular users there are best described as obnoxious extremists. They naturally drive away most normal users with their toxicity.

Then it's not really a slashdot clone (assuming what you say is true). I mean, the site may be a clone, but for most of us the community is what makes it what it is. Without the community, the thing as a whole is not a clone.

Comment Re:He stole, he got arrested (Score 1) 674

Don't you think a reprimand - "you can't do that here sir" - would have been more appropriate?

It sounds like that's exactly what the PCSO did. The problem is that rather than stopping, or even stopping while protesting it, instead he was a total asshole about it and continued to do it even though he was informed it was illegal. For any value of "it," the guy was a dumbass. If you're informed something is against the law and you refuse to stop doing it right in front of an officer, what do you expect to happen?

Comment Re:This is great, however, (Score 1) 1083

But, in many situations the concept of a domestic partner was so that same-sex couples who couldn't legally get married could still enjoy the benefits (in particular, medical insurance) of a married couple. Yes, it applied to straight couples too, because applying it only to same-sex couples would have been discrimination. Since it was created because same-sex couples couldn't be married, the concern is that it will be taken away because now they can get married. However, same-sex marriage has been legal in some states for a while now, and I haven't heard of this benefit being taken away in those places.

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