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Comment: Re:morons (Score 1) 83

by NoKaOi (#48902565) Attached to: NASA Considers Autonomous Martian Helicopter To Augment Future Rovers

How stupid are these people?!

Smart enough to have tested a prototype in a vacuum chamber that simulates Mars' atmosphere. And probably smart enough to RTFA before bashing somebody else. But I'm sure after reading a one paragraph summary that you are more educated on the topic than they are.

Comment: Re:its worth remembering that terrorism is effecti (Score 1) 110

by NoKaOi (#48895853) Attached to: Bomb Threats Via Twitter Partly Shut Down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport

the solution to the US terror problem seems simple. stop treating third world countries like they're children. quit overthrowing elected leaders and installing dictators, stop propping up nation states with a history of violence, and start treating the people who live in these regions as more than "hearts and minds" that you have to "win."

But then the terrorists win! Instead we need to be at war with them, and to win* that war we need to get that pesky constitution thingy the hell out of the way!

*winning the war on terror == giving large sums of money to defense contractors, and getting reelected by convincing the populous that they will get blown up if they vote for the other guy.

Comment: Re:You see that too? (Score 1) 512

by NoKaOi (#48882431) Attached to: Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration

Or he's genuinely concerned about us STEM workers. Or the GOP wants to get STEM workers to switch sides (we're generally very strongly Democrat voters).

No, I'm quite certain he doesn't give a shit about STEM workers. It's the GOP's anti-immigration, pro-xenophobia ideology. But since the GOP also has their pro-corporation, anti-middleclass ideology, it's amusing to see what happens when those ideologies conflict. What it really tells us is that the particular companies he's beholden to aren't big H1-B'ers, so he is free to go with the anti-immigration ideology. Exxon Mobile, for example, only has 47 H1-B employees, out of 75,000 employees, so this probably doesn't even warrant a phone call from their CEO.

Comment: Re:Make an example of them. (Score 1) 240

by NoKaOi (#48882373) Attached to: Dish Network Violated Do-Not-Call 57 Million Times

The quarter ending 6/30/2014 shows Dish Network had a net profit of $213Million. Considering the penalty could be up to $912Billion, a full year's worth of net (not even gross, so the year would be a draw, not even a loss) profit should be the minimum . That would be $852Million, any thing less is just a slap on the wrist.

By the way, the article is from early this morning, but Dish Network's shares are up 3.4%. Clearly shareholders aren't taking this seriously, so why should the company's executives take it seriously? They need to be made to take it seriously.

Comment: Re:More proof (Score 5, Insightful) 666

by NoKaOi (#48870485) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax

The need for separation of science and state becomes more and more obvious every year since 1947.

NO. There already is too much separation of science and state, as evidenced by this very issue. There needs to be less separation of science and state, but we need to make sure that it's science defining policy, and not policy defining science. Try reading that again but replacing the word "science" with the word "reality" and you'll see what I mean.

Comment: Re:Wrong direction (Score 1) 217

You have to have explicit permission in order to do a robocall to a number.

How do you define explicit permission? If it's buried in page 12 of a user agreement that you have to sign, is that explicit permission? From a legal perspective, how do you separate that from the actual real-world permission like what you're thinking of? How about a line on page 12 that explicitly gives their "affiliates" permission to robocall you?

Comment: Re:MicroSD card? (Score 4, Insightful) 325

by NoKaOi (#48714573) Attached to: Apple Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Shrinking Storage Space In iOS 8

Than how about they add some memory dedicated to the OS? The stuff is not that expensive these days...

They do. It's part of that 16GB that they advertise. This is how pretty much all devices are advertised. Do laptops and desktops come with a separate disk for the OS? When they advertise the size of the hard drive do they subtract the size of the OS? How about other brands of phones or tablets?

These people are completely ignorant about what they are suing for, in which case they have no business suing, or are suing just to sue (or because their lawyers are hoping to turn it into a class action suit, settle, and rake in millions while a bunch of people get 50 cents each), in which case they still have no business suing.

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