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Comment: Re:Doesn't the NRA already collect names? (Score 1) 531

by No Tears In The End (#44771267) Attached to: NRA Joins ACLU Lawsuit Against NSA

But, but, the NRA seems to be saying that you can easily build a gun registry simply using the phone metadata. If what you say is true, then not all people that call the NRA have a gun !!! Next thing you know, you'll tell me some people have guns and never call the NRA.

Then you don't understand the argument.

It's not just the NRA, it's gun stores, gun clubs, gun ranges and other gun owners. If you were to take a look at everyone who called a gun store, gun club, target range and known gun collectors over the past 5 years, you'd have a pretty good idea of who owns guns in the country. That's the creation of a backdoor registry and since creation of a registry is already forbidden under federal law, the NRA's point is a salient one.

The NSA can retain metadata until the political winds shift enough to allow the creation of such a registry.


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Yeah, you sure can edit those to hide the context of those to pretend it's about all guns. Nice use of the ellipsis there, and with no link back to an original source.

A+ for effort!

How about video?

She said it.

SHE is after our guns. SHE admitted. WE know it. YOU are either lying or ignorant.

And Here's a source for Cuomo's statement.

Yes. He was looking at confiscation or forced sale, which is just compensated confiscation.


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That cop is not your friend, no matter which side of the law you are on.

This (you!) is what's wrong with our country. The police are doing their job to enforce the law. You don't like laws being enforced? Then maybe you should move to africa. I hear they've got no police, and it's going great over there.

When you say "our country", I certainly hope that you don't mean the USA. What's wrong with the USA is that we have far too many cop groupies and Stockholm-syndrome types. The police are not there to enforce the law. The police are there to enforce order. The police are there to keep the poor, the politically unimportant and the people who are feared by the politically connected in line.


Comment: Re:Exit Interviews are always flowery (Score 4, Informative) 550

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Law abiding citizens that work to help the community have nothing to fear from Uncle Leo.

You, sir, are either dangerously naive or simply an upper-middle class white guy with no perspective. Law abiding citizens of color or lower economic status have plenty to fear from law enforcement.


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It's also really hard to get assault guns, so gangs tend to be massively outgunned by the authorities.

You don't understand the issue. It's not an AK-47 or an M4 that you hunt an elephant or a rhino with. Those bullets are far too small and have too little kinetic energy to reliably take down the animal. You get something BIG and because you don't want to get too close, you get something accurate at a reasonable range. I can't speak from personal experience, because I have only hunted North American land game but I'm thinking .338 or bigger. You're not going to find that in an assault rifle.

I have no idea what Australia's gun laws are like, but I can only assume that there are some hunting arms allowed. That's what a poacher would use.


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Look at it this way, high blood pressure and arthritis runs in my family. Though I may pwn you with regards to caffeine, eventually it'll catch up to me.

I met a friend of a friend of a friend a couple of years ago who was a serious caffeine junkie. She drank coffee constantly, as well as keeping a stash of caffeinated candy in her purse and used the caffeinated soap.

By the way, what is BC powder?


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It's a problem when both people do it. There are better examples of bad rhetoric by democrats.

The democrats are not "MY GUY"- I'm an independent and voted for Republicans, Democrats and even Libertarians last election.

Not having a party affiliation doesn't make you independent, it makes you indecisive.

"Bring a knife to a gunfight" is not a violent phrase at all however. It's a idiomatic cliche that expresses a certain concept of entering a negotiation grossly weaker than your opponents.

And you are a hypocrite. The crosshairs weren't a suggestion to go out and shoot people, they were to indicate that those areas were to be targeted for a campaign push. Whip up the votes and defeat the opposition at the polls. If you understand that Obama wasn't *REALLY* talking about bringing a gun, why can't you understand that you can target someone for defeat in an election without targeting them for termination?


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They're blaming nutbag teatards like you because of things like GIffords being threatened for voting for the so-called "Obamacare" bill (Palin even went so far as to post a map with gun targets over her and other congresscritters who voted for it). And give up on the whole "ACORN" thing. It was a fucking bunch of community organizers, not some brownshirts. It's amazing how two corporate run and controlled parties can jockey for support by forcing wedge issues into the forefront while still steadily increasing the income and wage disparity to epic new levels.... your stupid teabagger "movement", as contrived and astroturfed by morons like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (and even that Rand Paul asshole), is just another way of shoring up more money for the wealthy. Societies are still judged by how they treat their least fortunate, and in that way, we fail. Epically.

Yeah that's it. You hypocritical cocksmoking faggot. Why is it not an issue when one of your brethren at the daily kooks puts a bullseye on her district? Like this...

But never waste a crisis. Never pass on an opportunity to act like all of the world's problems are caused by your opposition. Do it enough times and it'll almost seem reasonable when you propose solution to the problem.


Someone is unenthusiastic about your work.