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Comment: Nice review! (Score 1, Interesting) 525

by No More Free Stuff (#13424601) Attached to: OpenOffice 2.0 vs. MS Office Review

w00t! It's nice to see some good publicity for openoffice. Yet another step in taking over the world with open-source software... ;-)

<offtopic>/me is really starting to enjoy having a (Gentoo) Linux powered computer that has $0 worth but 2.7GB (du -h /usr/portage/distfiles) of software. It's nice having source to everything, so I can, for example, add keyboard shortcuts to Eye of GNOME for things it odesn't have them for. It's also nice to have all the API's and utilities on my system documented in one place (/usr/doc) so I can write software without being tied to the Internet to search for information.</offtopic>

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