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Comment Re:Vote by Mail (Score 1) 263

Another problem with postal votes is what happens in a close election. In 2000 there were some attempts by the Dems to exclude Overseas Military Ballots, but it came too late and didn't have much impact. Next time there is a really close election both parites will have databases & software that based on individual voter profiles will allow then to identify postal votes that are more than X% likely to go "the wrong way" and assist in finding plausible reasons for challing these votes. That could get really ugly.

I don't see how this is a problem, not in Oregon anyway. Ballots for Overseas military (and regular citizens overseas) are the same as those for folks at home in Oregon. They are processed the same way and are not identified as "special" ballots during processing. The only difference is that they are mailed out earlier in order to give voters more time. For reference here are the details. There is an option for people to email or fax in their ballot, but you have to agree to give up your right to secrecy in advance to exercise this option. There is no extension in the voting deadline for overseas voters (or any other voter for that matter), ballots must be at the election office by 8pm on election day. Postmarks don't count.

Comment Re:So Protect your Admin passwords.... (Score 1) 168

Separate Infrastructure != separate equipment. Logical separation != Physical separation.

I'd keep ALL administrative interfaces on a separate VLAN which does not logically connect to the network used by the rest of the world except at known points which are firewalled, controlled and monitored. Access to this VLAN would be limited to network admins who presented valid up to date credentials.

If you consider firmware compromise, you have to forget about the isolation given to you by firewalls and VLANs. VLANs are only a logical separation, A VLAN is just a couple of extra bytes added to each network packet that you hope whatever is on the wire will honor. If the firmware of your network equipment is compromised, you can't depend VLAN isolation being honored.

Comment Re:Vote by Mail (Score 3, Informative) 263

One of the interesting things I've noticed is when I raise the subject with friends, the ones who are opposed almost always grew up east of the Mississippi, and are terrified that large-scale fraud will occur. There's a PhD dissertation for a sociologist or political scientist in there somewhere.

And what makes you think they are wrong?

You honestly trust the voting system as it stands? Really?

I do. Here in Oregon, the vote by mail system has reasonable checks and balances. You receive your ballot, which is a "fill in the bubble" optical scan form, in the mail. You mark your ballot and place it in a "secrecy envelope" and then inside a different "mailing envelope" that contains your voter ID. You sign the mailing envelope. You mail your ballot back, or hand deliver it to a near by drop off station. Upon receipt, one election official hand verifies your signature against the one on file when you registered to vote and adds you to the list of people that have voted. If a signature doesn't match or there is a duplicate vote, someone investigates and contacts the voter. Next the inner "secrecy envelope" is placed in a box of votes to be counted. A different set of election officials opens the secrecy envelopes and feeds the ballots into the optical scanning machine. Members of the public are welcome to personally observe both processes. If a recount is necessary the forms can be re-scanned or manually counted.

Comment Exchange (Score 3, Insightful) 889

And by "Exchange" I mean software that provides all the functionality of Exchange beyond simple email. Calendar and contact management; synchronization of mailbox folders, calendar, contacts with mobile devices; user specific server side email processing rules; replication of mailboxes (email databases) for high availability; security model that allows administrative assistant and other delegations; etc.

In short the features that cause large companies to choose Exchange and therefore Microsoft Office.

Comment What does do business mean? (Score 1) 728

if Facebook wants to do business in Germany, then it must abide by German laws.

Does "do business" mean sell advertising or does it mean allowing citizens of Germany to access it's pages. I can see how Germany could legally control allowing foreign companies from doing business in Germany (selling advertising in this case), but I don't see how Germany could prevent its citizens from accessing the whole internet (Facebook in this case), unless it wants to try to be like China or North Korea. I can see trying to restrict the monetary flow in or out of a country, but trying to restrict the information flow seems both wrong and futile.

Comment Re:Now if only the memory pressure metric worked (Score 1) 231

My suspicion there is a feature which gets the machine hibernated while sleeping, to recover in the case of a power outage. The feature pretty much kills the usefulness of sleep, though, if every wake is a wake from hibernate.

Assuming your machine is configured properly: When you sleep, as you suspected, memory is written out to disk as insurance against power is lost. When you come out of sleep (assuming you didn't lose power), Windows resumes from sleep without reading everything back in from disk. If you did lose power, Windows resumes from hibernate and reads memory back in from disk.

Comment Re:Real numbers (Score 1) 105

Depends on where you are. Here in Oregon, there are additional subsidies - both state and non-governmental. With these subsidies, my break even point is between 6 and 7 years, so it is a much less risky proposition. Of course in Western Oregon, we don't get as much sun as other places and without the subsidies the break even point for me would have been about 40 years...

Comment Re:Signed XML (Score 1) 60

SOAP also supports signing and encrypting within the SOAP payload. Just because the outer connection isn't over SSL doesn't necessarily mean the transmission is not secure. You do have to turn on the encryption within SOAP and you have to verify certificates... I don't know if WSUS does this or not.

Comment Re:It's called "the Geek lottery"... (Score 1) 129

You are getting a salary like any other job, and you have the chance of becoming rich on top of that, without any more investment. Doesn't seem like a lie to me.

As long as you don't consider the the value of your stock options as part of your compensation, I would agree. If you are making as much in salary and other benefits that have current value (health care, retirement plans, working conditions, etc.) than you would at another job without options, then it is not a lie. If, on the other hand, you are forgoing some salary in exchange for a future possible value (stock options), then it is likely a lie (or at least a gamble with low odds).

Submission + - The Mystery of Acupuncture Explained in Rat Model ( 1

hackingbear writes: A biological mechanism explaining part of the mystery of the acupuncture has been pinpointed by scientists studying rats. The research showed that applying electroacupuncture to an especially powerful acupuncture point known as stomach meridian point 36 (St36) affected a complex interaction between hormones known as the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. In stressed rats exposed to unpleasant cold stimulation, HPA activity was reduced. The findings provide the strongest evidence yet that the ancient Chinese therapy has more than a placebo effect when used to treat chronic stress, it is claimed. “Some antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs exert their therapeutic effects on these same mechanisms,” said lead investigator Dr Ladan Eshkevari, from Georgetown University medical centre in Washington DC.

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