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Comment Re:Not a Canal (Score 1) 107

I'm Dutch. I live in Amsterdam. It's not perfectly valid to call a gracht a kanaal.

Maybe you should send an angry letter to Van Dale that calls gracht a kanaal right in the main definition ;-).

With your second part I agree (way of thinking and language are intertwined), but I was just responding to someone who said you can not call a gracht a canal. That is just plain incorrect.

Comment Re:Is MojoKid shilling for HotHardware allowed by (Score 1) 72

This is not Wikipedia, on Slashdot you are allowed to make submissions about yourself. This is not your website, and you do not make the rules. If you want to make a website where that is not allowed, you are free to do it.

Given that it's a fairly interesting story, who cares anyway?

Aside from that, I don't get why you would speculate on the exact person doing this, writing out his full name in a public forum. You could be right, but for all we know it could be a completely different person.

Comment Re:~1500 App Developers wasted their time (Score 1) 73

I think we are actually on the same page, I also never used networking libraries, but I can't blame people that did. NSURLConnection really was lacking.

Yeah, it was all possible, but when you searched for IOS networking problems on sites like Stackoverflow for networking related issues, you would often get answers that just gave a couple of lines of AFNetworking code to fix something that was a PITA in NSURLConnection.

If NSURLConnection really was that good, people wouldn't have bothered with libraries for basic tasks.

As for NSURLSession. The fact is that a lot of apps were written prior to IOS7 and you can not expect everyone to rewrite networking code to a new API. I suspect a lot of the pretty small group apps of apps caught by this problem were simply written before that.

Comment Re:~1500 App Developers wasted their time (Score 0) 73

I don't know why you would say that it's good. Especially early in IOS history it was pretty annoying to write basic networking functionality like downloading and saving a file that's too large to keep in memory. The whole reason people used libraries like these is because Apples API weren't easy enough to use.

Comment Re:Mainframe vs PaaS and SaaS (Score 4, Insightful) 164

From a business point of view they can be similar.

From the perspective of the mainframe guys, the whole point of a mainframe is that it is a single machine handling all of your transactions. Basically, it is simpler to deal with all kinds of transaction problems when you are not using a vastly distributed system with thousands of nodes. Typically PaaS/SaaS are large distributed systems.

To reliably and consistantly handle a very large stream of very important transactions where you basically need 100% reliability, they are a real option. The business case for a mainframe is something like, it would cost 200mln per year for some bank to make a failure proof distributed system, and 100mln to do it with a a mainframe. Outside of this type of systems, it is hard to think of any use for a mainframe, given the cost and complexity.

Comment Re:i heard that Sony hack was insiders (Score 1) 231

How is this insightful? The Slashdot blurb doesn't mention anywhere that North Korea is responsible, it just says that the US is imposing sanctions based on it. Are you disputing that the US is imposing sanctions?

Also, what was this authoritative source that proofs beyond any doubt that it wasn't North Korea?

Comment Content Security Policy (Score 2) 41

One highly underused technology is the Content Security Policy. It is supported in all major browsers, including IE10+.

With simple headers you can prevent anyone from using inline javascript or including scripts from non-whitelisted domains. For instance, the following headers would make inline scripts not execute, and only execute javascript from the whitelisted domains:

Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'self' www.google-analytics.com ajax.googleapis.com;
X-Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'self' www.google-analytics.com ajax.googleapis.com;

If projects like Wordpress would pick this up, it would make it very difficult to do XSS attacks.

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