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Comment: Converted old cell phone to uplink transmitter (Score 5, Interesting) 153 153

Many moons ago, I got tired of what was on the radio, and I built a pirate FM station. It had a studio supplied with over 50 volunteer DJs, but most of all it had the transmitter up in the mountains, with a UHF uplink system, to allow for very broad coverage of our city. I made the uplink transmitter form a 1985 Motorola cell phone, the old brick type. It was suitably modified to put out wideband FM audio. You might be able to read about it by Googling "Radio Limbo Tucson".

Comment: Re:Nothing that money can't buy (Score 1) 65 65

I work on one of the telescopes that is on Mt. Graham. My father was an astronomer who did the initial site surveys for the Mt. Graham observatory and spent a good bit of time on Mauna Kea as well. He took his family to several observatories in Arizona and Mexico; I never thought of observatories as "desecrating the land". Rather, they are quiet places in which solemn work gets done to better understand our place in the universe.

My current boss's husband is the guy who made the special legislation happen that allowed the scopes to be built. He's proud of his underhanded accomplishment. I'm also friends with several Earth First!ers who were on the other side of this fight.

I think both sides on this war are assholes.

Comment: Apple ][ was a great product (Score 4, Interesting) 74 74

I worked at a Byte Shop in 1978-9 as their repair department. I was in high school. We sold Apples, TRS-80s, S-100 bus stuff, etc. The Apple was the most impressive machine, by far. It was apparent just from looking inside it, that the design was the way of the future.

Comment: Yes, really. (Score 1) 158 158

My wife has more than I do. My 1958 Chevy is not GPS-enabled. My 2011 MBP laptop is not either. My older Nikon DSLR, nope. That leaves my iphone, and the iphone that a friend found on the street and gave to me. I suppose I could include the GPS receiver I bought for the never-finished SCRA [cathodecorner.com] Scope Clock project.

Comment: Re:to drive (Score 2) 280 280

I've heard of averages, but "4211 BTUs per person" is meaningless. I often drive either my 1958 V8 Chevy by myself, or my Prius full of 4 kids and me. Neither uses 4211 BTUs per passenger mile, or anywhere near it. Same thing with buses. In Tucson, buses often have 2 or 3 passengers. My Prius beats those by a lot. Commercial aircraft are the only vehicles that have a fairly consistent passenger mileage, because they are always full and all are designed to fly with about the same efficiency.

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