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Comment Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

I had a job fixing power tools for a construction company and saw the same thing. I always liked when a Bosch came in because they built those things with repairability in mind. Most of the higher-end tools from any company were that way, but Bosch did it with everything.

Comment Re: Dupe (Score 1) 840

I drove a '93 Taurus for 7 years and replaced just about everything in it. It was all pretty easy, except the water pump was kind of a hassle because I had the biggest engine option and there wasn't a lot of spare room on the side of the engine. The hard to fix thing is a problem with new cars, because they're designed by computers which only consider efficiency, not people who consider repairability.

Comment Re: Dupe (Score 5, Interesting) 840

Went to replace the fog light in my 2014 Ford Fusion; the instructions start with "Remove the front bumper" and the entire process took over an hour due to the bumper being attached in some places with somewhat of a "just wedge it in there and hope you're not breaking something" approach.

Comment Re: Ghost in the machine (Score 1) 128

Yeah, that's the other situation where it can get annoying, when somebody drifts into my lane. The on/off toggle is also right on the end of the signal stalk, so you can tap it off right from your fingertips if you need to. You can also set it at low/medium/high, and you can set it to full correct, or just warn with a steering wheel vibration. I've set it to full correct on high, mostly because I like to see how it reacts to things and I know I'm paying enough attention to take over when I need.

Comment Re:Ghost in the machine (Score 1) 128

I've got a Ford Fusion with the lane keeping system, and sometimes it will act up, for instance if there has been construction and they've redone the lane lines, the system somehow picks up the old lines and tries to keep me in them. Or on rare occasions when I have to swerve around something on the road, it fights back. But as long as you've got both hands on the wheel, you'll win against the auto-steering with very little effort. Even one-handed, you just have to be a little assertive with it. "No, you're not steering me off the road today!"
The system is a bit strange to get used to (not nearly as strange as adaptive cruise), but overall it's pretty well implemented.

They also have it set up so if the car thinks you're not holding on to the wheel, it pops up a warning message over your dash screen to keep your hands on the wheel. They have this to make sure you're holding on in case it tries to go somewhere wrong.

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There are organizations who record essentially all the news, and have people catalog it and tag it etc., and have been doing this for a very long time. So if for example The Daily Show wants to do a bit where they show 50 different local news reporters reading the same phrase from some AP story they all ran, they just go to the news catalog people and say "give me all the clips from the last 2 days containing [whatever phrase]."
There was a news story about the whole process a few days ago, but ironically I can't remember where I saw it and I don't have it recorded.

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