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Comment: Apple (Score 1, Interesting) 187

It's only a problem with Apple devices. Both Android and Windows devices are generic bluetooth. My Windows Phone (HTX 8X) works wonderfully with my VW, which connects via bluetooth for the phone part, and bluetooth audio for the music part. Works seamlessly. iPhones... not so much. As long as people use devices that conform to generic bluetooth standards, it's not a problem.

Comment: $$ for software (Score -1) 419

by NineNine (#45174001) Attached to: Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'

I'm SO happy that I pay for software. I don't have to deal with all of this open source drama bullshit, and have to worry about when somebody's temper tantrum decides to end or radically change some software that I rely on for my business. My eyes glazed over halfway through the story summary, and I really don't care.

Comment: Re:Obvious Solution (Score 1) 177

Requiring people to use upper body strength is probably considered assault by most Slashdotters. Nowhere have I seen more people complaining about not being able to pick up Gadget X or Gadget Y because the few pounds it weighs is overwhelming to their frail bodies.

Comment: Re:Death and taxes (Score 1) 330

by NineNine (#45064515) Attached to: Sick of Your Local Police Force? Crowdfund Your Own

Looking at the financial state of our Federal government, state governments, and local municipalities, it is entirely unfair to leave off the Republicans and Democrats from your list.

Republicans and Democrats generally don't use "refusal to pay taxes" as a plank in their platform/philosophy.

Comment: Re:There is nothing wrong with doing this (Score 1) 445

by NineNine (#33918044) Attached to: How to Heartlessly Arbitrage Used Books With a PDA

"But then, ALL retail outlets will eventually go away except for boutiques and big box stores. There's really no need for anything in-between and such a business will always be less efficient than one which has no physical presence."

You may be right in terms of efficiency, but it makes for a shitty life if your town (like many already in the US) doesn't have retail stores.

"The only thing that depends on physical presence is impulse buying, where you get someone in your store and sell them crap they don't need."

Those of us who aren't sociopaths actually enjoy going to retail stores, and speaking with human beings in our community. It's a richer life than spending your life in front of a glowing screen.

Comment: Flat screens! (Score 2, Funny) 134

by NineNine (#28614679) Attached to: Gaze-Tracking Software Protects Computer Privacy

I thought we already had this technology, and it was called "flat screen" technology. I swear I'm not a crotchety old man, but I can't stand flat screen monitors/TV's/laptops. All of them have this same effect, when compared to the bright, clear, viewable-from-any-direction CRT's. I don't care much for saving a few inches in depth, so I try to use CRT's whenever I can, because unless you're sitting directly in front and center of a flat screen anything, it's very difficult to read.

Comment: Re:Tax 'em! (Score 1) 532

by NineNine (#28533491) Attached to: Rhode Island Affiliates Banned From Amazon.com Sales

? If no would you bother with your online store if having it required you to?

Of course! It's just a piece of software. I'm prepared to do what I do every day: buy a piece of software and pay a subscription to a service to handle it. I already have to do it for payroll, so it wouldn't be any big deal.

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