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+ - Finding programmers for a non-profit project?

Submitted by
NikolaiKutuzov writes "Hi everyone, I've been working on-and of on web-based database project designed to store, group and display historical and economical data. The idea of the project is to make it possible for people in the social histories to find a quick way to citations and data they otherwise have to look up in printed sources. This would significantly reduce a lot of research time for journalists, historians, sociologists and economists in researching data like unemployment rates, production numbers and alike.

Put very short, my database is a wikipedia, but with built-in citations and for data only.

A proof-of-concept was the base for my university thesis some years ago. However, since then several factors have kept me from launching the website into the open, main reasons being: a) Having a more than 9-5 job I find it hard to keep coding after working overtime already. b) Being over 30 I do have a life and a gf that I want to spend time with c) Having never properly studied programming and database design, it takes me much longer to solve problems than a professional programmer.

The idea has been tested for general validity at my university, and the database design has been reviewed by the two database experts I know, who say its sound. What needs to be done is the "fleshing out" part — layouting and customizing the forms, validating and santitarizing the database inputs, and beginning beta testing. My question is: Is there a good platform/forum to find coders that might be interested in a strictly open source/non profit venture like that? I would dislike to loose all involvement in the project, but I would love to get some help by some people willing to program in PHP or AJAX and SQL. That means I need people that can commit to a project that might take several months or longer, and which have a reasonable (hopefully better) talent and knowledge of coding then myself, and who do not expect anything else than fame from this. Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance."

Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing. -- Wernher von Braun