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Comment: Re:Rolex would be better (Score 1) 192

by Nikademus (#49224415) Attached to: Will you buy the new $10,000 Apple Watch?

If you are so rich that you want to show off with a special watch, why don't you buy a Roger Dubuis Excalibur Quatuor at about $1M? That one is for sure beautiful and will show off your wealth much better than that cheap Apple watch.
Obvioulsy, you should also get a Richard Mille RM 56 to switch from time to time.

If you buy an Apple watch, then you are probably not rich enough.

Comment: Re:one word: Barbecoa (Score 2) 125

by Nikademus (#49085165) Attached to: Jamie Oliver's Website Serving Malware

That should be familiar to any Oliver fans and hardcore critics alike. For those in neither camp, Barbecoa was Oliver's butchery that was shut down last June after receiving an "A Hazardous" rating from the Food Standards Agency following complaints of food poisoning form several of his restaurants that also received poor FSA ratings for general hygiene. Oliver was also fined £17,000 over this scandal, consisting of just one specimen charge of violating the Food Safety Act, which is pretty fucking disgusting after his ironically calling the US fast food industry out for unsafe kitchen practices. He should have been shut down altogether. Oh, semi-insider info: I have it on very good authority that his restaurants have a higher staff turnover than practically every other sector. They are hellish places to work in. Certainly not worth the wage slavery. The management expect new staff to already know how it all works (in Oliver's eclectic kitchen system!?), training is not only nonexistent it's an inside joke that "training" is a curse word. Most of his staff are school leavers. The only ones over the age of 18 are upper management.

[ citation needed ]

Comment: Re:About the same (Score 1) 144

by Nikademus (#48456923) Attached to: Here's What Your Car Could Look Like In 2030

Actually, there are some sports cars where you can fit a family. It might depend what you call a sports car.
For example, look at the Porsche Panamera. OK, for my part I find it ugly, but that might be just me.
Or the Ferrari FF, it looks quite nice and is a true sports car with 4 seats.
Or even the upcoming Mercedes CLA shooting brake.

Comment: Re:How systemd became Debian's default init system (Score 2, Interesting) 550

I've once had sshd randomly crash. Very randomly. Nothing appeared to cause it and it has worked ever since. A headless server with no management console. I wonder to this day if I had another option than simply hitting the reset button on the front.

What if it was someone attacking your sshd and making it crash when it failed?
    By automatically restarting it, you just allow the attacker to continue trying to exploit it.
    By automatically restarting it, you don't solve the issue that makes it crashing.
    By automatically restarting it, you, most of the time, don't even see it restarted, so really not giving you any way to solve the real problem.

It's not that I don't find process monitoring interesting, it's just that automatically restarting can bring more problems than it solves. A little bit like "ohh, my server doesn't seem to be working correctly, let's reboot".

A well behaving daemon shouldn't be restarted (except maybe for rereading config files), it should start and stay that way. If it crashes randomly, then you might try to find the bug.

OK, that said, you can now flame me if you don't like this.

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