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Comment: Re:le sigh (Score 1) 1218 1218

Adults are ruined, once set they will rarely admit being wrong. And they found a way to ensure some children grow to be the same type of adult. The religious cults have a strong hold on everything and they demand more. So now they teach your children in a place you have no control over, they are lied to and those lies are state funded. They are peep pressured into a situation where fantasy becomes the goal of life. They teach ignorance and I can't stop them. No amount of reason and logic can be brought forward to explain how harmful this is because the only ones who can change it are the ones who set it up in the first place. Cult propaganda is what creationism is plain and simple. And historically speaking we all know how effective propaganda is when supported by a government. Maybe if people understood that religion is a cult they would back off it a little. We have seen Jones Town, Waco, Scientology, and Heavens Gate in recent history and they have taught us with the blood of innocent people that cults are NOT to be catered to or be involved with. But try telling that to a devout christian in a political seat and see how far it gets you.

Comment: Face Palm (Score 0) 318 318

We live on a planet covered %70 in water. Salt is not difficult to take out of water, boy scouts can do it. I didn't go to Harvard but I know how to run a fucking pipe line of fresh water to where ever it needs to go. Seriously, this is fucking unnecessary to even complain about lack of water on this planet. Water water everywhere and if you put just a miniscule amount of effort you can drink to your hearts content.

Comment: Busted (Score 1) 292 292

"that the law only covers 'physical' items." If the is true then the case against Dotcom is negated. If there is no physical material missing it is not theft. And digital copies preserve the original version, there is nothing taken, just copied. And the option to copy was given by the same people who file law suits I feel the plaintiff should be tried with fraud with the intent to deprive people of money and/or property.

Comment: Nice (Score 1) 129 129

I like how people can just make up stats for things. I know for a fact people are STILL unhappy with movies and music. But this lie is trying to tell people they need to stop because people around them are stopping. Like passive aggressive peer pressure. And the sad thing is there is a portion of people who actually fell for it. And it also uses nationalism too. Claiming america's enemies are doing it more making it a no no to those who support democracy. Download a shit movie you support terrorism...even tho it's doesn't actually make anyone money or support anything but ones desire to know what they are buying...but still, they say it is, and why would the government or it's agencies ever lie to you?

Comment: youtube and noscript (Score 1) 578 578

Good thing some people are willing to go ahead and cut the adverts before posting on youtube, like to see how fox deals with that fact. And with noscript and adblock I NEVER see a advert on youtube, only on embedded vids. Figure if I need something I'll look it up myself.

Comment: Re:grow up (Score 1) 467 467

calling someone childish is not side stepping, it's called "summing up". I could go into great detail as to the flaw of this person but instead of typing out an essay in order to get a simple point across I SUMMED UP. He did rename it...to something equally perverted or ignorant...which makes him childish a.k.a. not using adult forethought and acting upon immature urges. And yea, i can see your bitter considering your other option was to just keep your opinion to yourself..or better yet voice how you feel in your own thread...but instead you absolutely had to comment on my post in order to gather some form of attention. Your review of my opinion does nothing but waste my time in both thought and reply. I never made a stink about anything, I just stated how people who would consider themselves and both professional and adults should refrain from using offensive and perverted language such as PANTYSHOT and UPSKIRT...both are illegal activities to boot. So you seem to feel there is nothing wrong for a full grown man to use this kind of labeling in order to satisfy their sexual deviance, it's fine as long as he just rename it, that changes the entire situation and redeems the person who provided the problem in the first place...

Comment: Re:grow up (Score 1) 467 467

The author works for a company who pays him to do a job, not name code after perverted and sexual things. Do you get to play with Legos all day at your job? Does your company not give a fuck to the quality of your work? Even Mc Donalds are dicks about procedure, which is why it's called a Big Mac and not a Huge Cock Burger....so yes, I made the proper assumption that the software being made for a company IS important. Companies do have standards....

Comment: Re:grow up (Score 1) 467 467

How is calling someone who is supposedly an adult yet refers to COMPANY projects by sexual innuendos childish "an attempt to bypass arguments about why it is a problem"? And what was it exactly you tried to accomplish by posting this absolute waste of time. I guess you don't understand what childish means or you are the type that has been called childish and your just wanting to lash out in a vain attempt to psychologically get back at your "enemies" for lack of a better word...

Comment: grow up (Score 1) 467 467

it's good to know people who are supposedly smarter than myself are so stupid as to 1. Name something important in a childish manner and 2. getting offended by something in a language they don't understand in the first place. Things like this negate my faith in the tech industry, it seems like it's filled with either law suit trolls like Sony or pathetic immature people...it's no wonder why there has been a complete lack of original, innovative, or useful tech in the past 20 years.....

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