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Journal: As it stands, Today.

Journal by Night0wl

So, I should be getting my Shuttle back (SN41G2) from RMA in three days. That was a pitiful turn around time by New Egg, I really am surprised I keep returning my business to them. Who takes 5 days to ship something?

Hopefully this one works, I'm going to be aggrivated if it doesn't. Third times a charm they say, but it should've been bang on the first time. Shit happens though, The second is very irritating.


I got my case two days ago, that I won on an eBay auction. A nice Solid blue Chenmeg full tower with large window. I say Solid because it's not really dark, but it's no where near light. It really is a nice shade of blue.

I don't have any thing to put in it. But for 80$ I can't complain. Considering I got it with 5 quiet fans, 100 thumb screws, and a Rheobus.

I, there's that I again, have this vision of a dual or single opteron server in it. A good solid gig of ram, at least, a GigE NIC in it, and the topper being a good SATA RAID card. I'd like to build up a TB in this thing.
These are all distant pipe dreams of course.


Journal: Journal.

Journal by Night0wl

So, I've decided I'd like to use this "journal" as a place to document my geeky feature most prominant in my day to day life.
A place to gloat, rant, bitch, moan, and generally keep track of computers in my life.

From computer brought to me for repair, to those I'm building, to those I access. It's that simple.

If this is timesharing, give me my share right now.