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Comment: Re:Confusing position (Score 4, Interesting) 365

by Nidi62 (#47568813) Attached to: Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

Reverse discrimination.

Sorry, but discrimination is discrimination. There is no direction. It either takes place or it doesn't. Using the term reverse gives advantage and power to one group over another.

So would you argue that affirmative action and hiring/acceptance quotas are discrimination since they put a higher value on some races than they do others?

Comment: Re:They Want you in Collections (Score 1) 503

by Nidi62 (#47562133) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'
You do realize for student loans (you went federal and not private I assume, right?) there are income-based repayment plans. For the next year I only have to pay $32 a month because I am only making about 27k for the year. There's no reason you should be paying $700 a month if you can't afford it.

Comment: Re:My experience with hydrocodone... (Score 1) 505

by Nidi62 (#47549543) Attached to: Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

Just an FYI, any one who gives an 11 when asked what their pain level on a scale of 0-10 is pretty much automatically labelled a drug seeker. 10 means the pain is the absolute most you could ever imagine experiencing. Think being disembowelled while being roasted on a spit here and the marinate being tincture of iodine. There simply is no higher score than a ten by non-druggies.

I have a pinched nerve in my lower back. That caused more pain than when I walked around on a broken foot for 3 days, with some numbness and loss of strength to boot. I think an 11 is perfectly applicable.

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kids in strollers

Most strollers are too big to take as carry on.

Strollers are always gate checked. You wheel the stroller down the jetway, take your kids out, and leave it by the door. After everyone has boarded, either the gate agent or the ramp gate crew will take the strollers and any carry-on bags that didn't fit in the overhead bins and stowes them in either the bulk bin(for widebody aircraft) or the front compartment (generally bin 1) in the belly of the plane (this bin is usually the last one filled up in an aircraft). When the aircraft lands that bin is the first one open and the gate crew takes the strollers and leaves them by the door of the plane. The gate checked bags end up at baggage claim or transferred to a connecting flight. But if you are flying with a stroller, you really don't need to bring your every day stroller that seats 4, has 6 cup holders, and has enough storage space you could live out of it for a month on your 5-day vacation to wherever. Those things are a bitch to try to lug up those stairs, especially when you have 4 of them. The small ones that fold up (some even have carrying bags with a shoulder strap) are so much easier and lighter. I have worked as a gate agent and on the ramp on gate crews at the busiest airport in the world, and my advice is this: make things as easy as you can for the crews, and your things are less likely to get damaged. Not out of malice, but because the amount of gate checks gets larger every year and right before departure is the busiest time for the gate crew.

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by Nidi62 (#47496983) Attached to: Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

But still, interpreted literally the new statement is far more factually correct and unbiased than what it replaced. Whoever shot down the plane, they were "soldiers" or fighters of some variety and almost certainly can be described as Ukrainian, given that everyone seems to agree that the fighters are actually eastern Ukrainians and at most Russia is supplying weapons to them.

Not exactly. There is a distinct difference between a soldier and a combatant. A soldier is trained and is a member of a standing military. The separatists can at best be described as "irregulars", or insurgents or rebels if you want to go with slightly more charged terminology. And who exactly is this "everyone" who are agreeing that they are all Eastern Ukranians? I have yet to see any reputable source make that claim. And Russia is not just supplying small arms to these groups. They are giving them tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, and anti-air systems (both MANPADS and tracked systems). You don't just pick these systesms up and start using them. They are recieving training, either in Russia or locally from trainers that Russia has moved into Ukraine. And given the fact that the missiles were launched from inside territory controlled by the rebelsis a very important detail. Why would the Ukrainians have anti-air equipment deployed in an area they do not control, against an enemy with no air power? All evidence points to the missiles being fired by the separatists, which means Russia had a hand in at the very least training them on how to use the equipment if not providing that equipment as well as continuing to use their influence to keep the conflict going.

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C'mon, be honest, don't tell me you don't duck when trying to avoid bullets flying over your head, or leaning to the side when trying to make that tight bend in GTA.

The other night I was playing Red Orchestra 2 and I was prone behind a fence and found myself craning my head to try and see under the fence a little bit better.

Comment: Depends on the FPS (Score 1) 154

OF course, twitchy fps's such as CoD or CS would be horrible with VR, as the movement is way too quick. But slower games such as Red Orchesatra 2 or more survival-type games such as DayZ would be incredible with VR. While "e-sport" type FPS's like CoD an Halo might flounder, I think VR will be a boon for more realistic sims and tactical shooters. I look forward to the day where I can play a game and look around and feel like I'm crossing the scorching hot steppes of Russia in 1942, crawling through the jungles of Vietnam in 1967, or even combing through the passageways of a dark deserted space station not knowin if a horde of aliens or zombies (or alien zombies) are waiting around the next corner for me.

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You can see the different attitudes people have. Watch some homeless guys for a while asking for money. Some people walk by, and give them money. Other people walk by and say, "someone should help them!"

Well, really just giving them money doesn't help them, as a significant number of homeless in American abuse either drugs or alcohol. If you do want to give them immediate help it is better to give them food or water.

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