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by Nidi62 (#47697977) Attached to: Ebola Quarantine Center In Liberia Looted

Doesn't quite fit, does it? In that show/comic, only southerners survive.

Actually, no. In Season 2 Rick, Herschel, and Glenn run into a group of guys from Philly at the bar near Herschels farm. And the past season and upcoming season involve getting a scientist to DC on government orders. So it's been proven that at least up until that point there are survivors from outside the South.

Having not read the comics I can only comment on the show

Comment: I don't see it (Score 3, Insightful) 74

So...because Rockwell and Bazille's paintings both have windows, people, a chair, and a stove they are influenced by each other? All of these are common things that you would expect in any building in the late 1800s and mid-50s (note the age of the building implies it is not new construction at that time and would definitely still rely on a stove for heating). I guess they are trying to argue that the placement of the items is the connection? Barbershops always have their chairs on one side near the wall, and people tend to put chairs near walls and objects as well, not in the middle of the floor. The right angle formed by the wall and floor and then the pane in the window seems a bit of a stretch, since wouldn't any painting of a man-made structure include right angles at some point?

I guess I just don't "get it"

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With this in mind, the AR PGFs have a new "free fire mode," in which you can tag a target once and then shoot at it as many times as you want by pulling the trigger directly, with all the shots using the ballistic data from the first shot’s tag.

With the replay button, another Zorg invention, it's even easier. One shot...and replay sends every following shot to the same location.

Although I guess in this case you actually want to push the little red button.

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I would love to go visit islands like Guadalcanal, Pelileu, Iwo Jima, Betio, etc. Walking along the beaches or under the jungle canopies knowing what people went through on those spots 70 years ago and not knowing what you might find in some long-forgotten cave or jungle clearing would have to be an incredibly haunting and moving experience.

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" An animal with dementia cannot even fend for itself in the wild"

Citation needed. I've seen plenty of animals with Rabies and other essential forms of dementia survive for quite a while, long enough to have been a potential vector to several thousand people.

My last dog lived to be 16 years old, which is pretty old for a medium-sized dog. We ended up putting her down because, one night something happened and she just would not stop barking. She didn't eat, didn't sleep, didn't move, just laid there constantly yelping (and not out of pain either) for three days. When we took her into the vet to put her down, even the vets could tell she wasn't herself (she would get grouchy and mean around other people-even had a bite warning sticker on her vet folder). If that's not evidence that an animal with dementia/cognitive impairment wouldn't live long in the wild I don't know what is.

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1) The .mil has been experimenting with ebola for decades. What biological weapons program wouldn't? In the process of experimenting, they've also developed countermeasure in case the Ruskies (or other enemy agents) are doing the same.

Or, you know, since American military forces may at times work with African military forces or be asked to deploy to central Africa the military decided it would be a good idea to work on treatments for a highly deadly disease that they would very likely come into contact with.

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First of all, you have done some amazing work and brought back incredibly interesting and, at times, (in the case of Titanic) haunting images.

That being said, having reached the Challenger Deep-what do you plan to do next: do you want to return to the deepest part of the ocean, or do you find yourself drawn to a new destination(and what challenges do you expect to face in reaching that destination)?

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But during the rest of the game, watch closely: along the sidelines you will very rarely see anyone using their tablets

Of course you won't, because right now you rarely see images of everyone looking at the photos anyway. But that's what these will be used for. If you are actually at a game, look at the sidelines and you will see an assistant coach by the bench holding a thick 3-ring binder. These binders hold photos taken from the coaches booth near the press box and show the other team in different alignments. With tablets allowed on the sidelines, instead of having someone run off a bunch of photos they can just be pushed to tablets on the sidelines. Depending on NFL rules they may even be able to push recordings as well. Players already spend hours each day watching film, if they could I am sure they would study film during the game as well. Since teams always tweak their game plan depending on the characteristics of their opponent, previous gamefilm can only tell so much.

And have you ever watched/attended a game and seen a large dry erase board on the sidelines? These are used to draw up or adjust plays on the fly. Generally the offensive or defensive coordinator will call down to an assistant and have them draw up the new play for the players to see. Using tablets the coordinator could draw up the new play himself and simply send it to the tablets the players have on the sideline. This could also allow for animated playback, showing the players how the coordinator wants the play to develop without having to draw more lines than John Madden having a stroke.

Then there is also the fact that for challenges the referees already use a hooded screen. They aren't going to be standing around in the middle of the field holding a tablet.

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