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Comment: Re:Natural variation? (Score 1) 604

by Nidi62 (#49530717) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

Anecdotal example: I drive a pickup truck, and I have owned it for 11 years. It is on its way out soon, and I can't wait to get a small car as I am tired of having something that costs so much to fill up, has bad traction on snow/ice, and is hard to navigate in tight parking lots. But then maybe after xx years in a compact, I'll buy another truck...

MY first car was a 1980 Bronco (that I got in the early 2000s). I loved that thing. Went from that to an Infiniti I30, from that to a 2006 Tundra, and now I'm back to a 2014 Focus. I'm hoping my next one (in about 7-10 years) will be a Jeep. It really is kind of cyclical.

Comment: Re:I'm driving a rented Nissan Pathfinder while my (Score 1) 604

by Nidi62 (#49528899) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

I don't understand why so many people want to drive pickups either. In a pickup you can only haul stuff you care about in decent weather. I get it if you're a farmer or ranch hand and need to haul messy stuff year round, but why would anyone else want to drive a truck? And why is it that the bigger the pickup, the greater the odds that they will back into parking spaces?

I used to drive a pickup with a foldable/removeable bed cover. It allowed me to carry more than I could in a SUV and allowed me to transport stuff in bad weather. It was very handy while I was in college (about 400 miles from where I lived) and whenI was moving around in grad school. My friends in grad school also solicited my help for moves several times as well.

Comment: Not worth the price point (Score 1, Informative) 604

by Nidi62 (#49528819) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs
I drive 40 miles each way on my commute. Up until September of last year I was driving a paid off 2006 Tundra, averaged probably 17mpg. While gas was high I was spending $75-100 a week. In September I traded it in and got a new Focus which averages around 33mpg. It now costs me about $20 to fill up, and I use roughly $25 worth of gas a week. I went from spending $100 a week to $100 a month on gas, and the savings more than cover the monthly payment ($125 a month for 36 months). Why spend significantly more for a hybrid/electric when this saves me plenty of money already? Especially considering the range issues of many hybrids (since a full tank gets me roughly 320 miles at $20 a tank).

Comment: Re:No, he's not (Score 2) 189

by Nidi62 (#49509503) Attached to: Assange Talk Spurs UK Judges To Boycott Legal Conference

Considering Interpol never gets involved in small crime, let alone one where one law agency hasn't even issued a warrant, merely requesting he presents himself to answer some sex without condom charges, shouldn't we also be asking why this case is so special and why don't they do this for ever other incident that crosses borders?

Interpol doesn't choose what crimes to get involved in. If a state makes a request to Interpol for a red notice then Interpol sends it out. It's not like the movie Hitman with a squad of armed agents roaming all over a country looking for 1 person; they simply facilitate requests and notices between agencies of different states.

Comment: Re:You aren't the audience (Score 2) 76

by Nidi62 (#49495223) Attached to: StarTalk TV Show With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Starts Monday

Replace "science" with "football" in your assertion of what people should do, and explain why your rendering of what's important is objectively better, beyond being better for massaging your own ego.

Sure. I played football from elementary school all the way through college. My wife knows nothing about the sport but I want her to watch it with me. I don't start talking about different offensive formations like pistol, shotgun, spread, or when to use a 4-3 instead of a 3-4 defense. I start with basics, give her a rough idea of who everyone is and what they do so she can follow along while I can pay more attention to the "tactics" of the game. I fail to see how this is a bad thing (or "massaging my ego"-nice ad hominen by the way), and is precisely how you go about bringing in people that are completely unfamiliar with a topic. If you tailor a tv show about science to the people with a Master's degree or higher level of understanding then you miss out on a lot of people.

Comment: You aren't the audience (Score 5, Insightful) 76

by Nidi62 (#49493991) Attached to: StarTalk TV Show With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Starts Monday

I have a big interest in physics and cosmology, etc, and generally fall asleep listening to some lecture or talk of some sort, be it Feynman or Susskind or what have you.


Quit mixing pop culture and science, it dumbs it down and makes people I respected once look like

These kinds of shows aren't for people who fall asleep every night listening to lectures. These kinds of shows are for the people who think Taylor Swift is the greatest singer/songwriter of all time, or can name everyone in the newest season of Dancing with the Stars but can't name the top people in government. The idea is to get people who aren't normally interested in science to at least think about it, to develop a rudimentary understanding of how science works (scientific theory, how scientists think, etc) and why the world around them is the way it is. Even a simplistic understadning is better than no understanding at all.

Comment: Re:Turkey (Score 2) 249

by Nidi62 (#49471265) Attached to: Turkish Hackers Target Vatican Website After Pope's Genocide Comment

Ahemm.. extermination of the American BIson... anybody? By the 1860s numerous US military figures advocated the extermination of the bison as a method to subjugate the American Aboriginals. General Philip Sheridan even stepped before Congress to plead for permissions to slaughter the bison herds to starve Native Americans into submission.

Was the blockade of the South during the Civil War an attempt at Genocide? How about blockading Germany during WWI/WWII? That's not an example of genocide, that's trying to defeat an enemy by targeting their ability to wage war (can't fight without food). As I said, it was more a low intensity guerrilla war than it was a genocide.

Comment: Re:Just curious (Score 1) 249

by Nidi62 (#49470935) Attached to: Turkish Hackers Target Vatican Website After Pope's Genocide Comment

The crusades were a response to 400 years of enslavement and wholesale slaughter by Muslims.

The Crusades were an attempt by a European noble class that was declining in wealth and power to find a way for their population to target their frustrations on an outside threat rather than enslavers/rulers and claim more land for themselves. When Christians would sack a town they would usually slaughter all inhabitants-man, woman, child, Christian, Muslim, or Jew (easier to loot from the dead). Muslims usually let Christians and Jews live-they might pressure them to convert or force them to pay a tax, but they still got to live.

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