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Comment Re:Be accountable (Score 1) 132

If you don't want to the outcome of the game to be determined by referees and shot clocks, then you need to put enough points on board so that there's no doubt that you've won.

I coach a wrestling team and that is more or less exactly what I tell my team. If you don't put enough points on the board then you risk having the referee decided the match in a way not favorable to you.

Doesn't always work. My freshman/sophomore year of HS our 215 won state both years and only lost 1 match each year. In both cases he lost by his opponent scoring quick then stalling out the rest of the match without the official calling it. This guy was a beast and actually got a full ride to UGA for football but got kicked out for drugs.

Another side note: my freshman year I weighed about 205. Our heavyweight tore his shoulder so our coach had me wrestle varsity heavyweight. During team matches a lot of teams would forfeit their 215 to avoid our really good guy and have their 215 move up to the heavyweight slot. Our coach would simply send me out to take the forfeit at 215 and use our guy to wrestle the other 215 in the heavyweight slot. I got enough wins to letter but they didn't count them because I didn't actually wrestle the matches. I got robbed.

Comment Re:Stacking errors (Score 1) 132

It's kind of a silly discussion because the clock is started and stopped by humans throughout the game. So even if an error was made here by some fraction of a second, there have to be numerous other errors throughout the rest of the game which aren't being considered with equal scrutiny. So yeah a timing error probably did cost one team the game but unless you go back across the entire game you'll never know which team got screwed by the timer.

It's like in football where the referee rather arbitrarily places the ball but then they measure it to the inch to see if they got a first down. The problem is with the spot, not with the measurement.

A little secret from someone who has played football up through college and refereed middle school and high school football: in most cases the referees place the ball at the nearest yard marker, especially along the sidelines. The only times this doesn't really happen is if it is near the end zone, a first down marker, or it clearly and obviously fell on a spot between the yard markers.

Comment Re:how about other third-party tracking? (Score 1) 84

The grand irony: laws or no laws, we have a thriving industrial scale chicken farming industry (which is a nett exporter) - there is almost no way that American companies could compete anyway since local farmers don't have expensive international shipping to pay for. Only a few truly massive factory-farm companies may even bother to enter the market, where they won't sell well because of being more expensive- so American companies are deluded if they think they will actually GET profit from this - but local chicken will also go down in quality if the standards are relaxed.

You aren't looking far enough ahead. It is very likely that the American companies will ship over and sell their chicken at a loss but still priced so low that it starts to drive local producers out of business. Then they can either jack up their imported prices or, and this I think is more likely, set up their own subsidiary locally which will still produce chicken at a higher price. So long term you will see not only lower quality but also more expensive product, with most of the profits going overseas instead of staying local.

Comment Re:Refreshing honesty (Score 1) 306

Klimenko said forcing Google and Apple to pay more taxes and banning Microsoft Windows from government computers are necessary measures, as he is trying to raise taxes on U.S. companies, thus helping local Russian competitors such as Yandex and

Well at least, unlike France and Spain for example, he's being honest about his true reason for arbitrary and specious attacks and restrictions on, and extortion of, US tech companies.

I wonder how much of a financial stake he or his family has in those companies...and there's also his own company (LiveInternet) which appears to be something similar to Yahoo's homepage, albeit more barebones.

Comment Re:High altitude nuclear EMP (Score 1) 256

One can only hope the North Korean regime values its survival enough to not actually follow through on any threats.

Of course they do. This is literally how the country makes their living. They either make some crazy statement or do something stupid like shell an island or launch a rocket, get sanctioned, then promise to stop doing/never do again whatever they did in exchange for some kind of concession. Then a few months later they do it again. It feeds NK's propaganda machine and (to a much lesser extent) feeds it's population as well. The Kim regime can only maintain control by limiting access to the outside, so beyond limited trading partners such as China and South Korea (who I believe are suspending the shared manufacturing agreement that brought in much of NK's foreign currency). I believe they were also trading with Syria at one time, but obviously Syria isn't the best of trading partners at the moment for anything other than arms. So the whole sanction/concession game is really the only way they can get access to outside goods such as food and luxury items without onerous terms that would threaten regime stability.

Comment Re:Advertising Bubble (Score 0) 287

But wait, all these marketing people keep telling me that they're important. That they know how to make people buy something that they don't want or care about! Oh think of the advertising budgets why don't you!?

Whenever a marketing person asks for and tries to justify a budget, just remember that their entire job is predicated on overhyping a product and talking people into spending money on something they don't need, so what makes you think they are being honest when they are coming to you?

Comment Wrong image in second link? (Score 5, Informative) 130

CNN shows a roped off area in what appears to be a small thicket, while the second link shows a crater in a rice paddy. If you read the article in the second link, the 4th paragraph mentions another incident believed to be a meteorite struck a rice paddy on Jan 26. So the caption on that image is probably incorrect.

Comment Re:Isn't the R for redundancy? (Score 1) 176

set a percentage of a wage and make everyone pay. That's the only fair way to do it. Those who make more will pay more.

A percentage on wage is grossly unfair, as all those executives and CXO's who get paid a salary of $1 but get millions worth of stock options would literally pay pennies in taxes. The only fair way would be a percentage of all income:wages, capital gains, disbursements from foundations/non-profits/corporations, etc.

Comment Re:Why you should care about 3D printed handguns (Score 1) 295

A handgun is an expensive machine, not something one can typically purchase on a whim.


Granted, those are crap guns and basically are new Saturday Night Specials, but are easily affordable and legal to purchase. With the right connections you could easily get a sub-$100 gun on the street illegally, or even legally on the internet/in person with patience and no scruples regarding quality or condition.

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