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Comment: Re:Good write ups, good card (Score 1) 149

by Nicolay77 (#34207384) Attached to: NVIDIA's New Flagship GeForce GTX 580 Tested

That's not a problem at all.

Some people are willing to pay top money for top performance. Extreme 2500x1600 something resolutions require this kind of cards.

I think you should use one of those performance/price charts, where the 6750 or something similar has the top score in value, as I in fact do.

Also, I only play in a 1080p TV, so I don't really need more performance than a 6770 provides.

We are in a very different market segment than the guys who buy a GF 580.

Comment: Re:Agreed (Score 1) 298

by Nicolay77 (#32608176) Attached to: Knuth Got It Wrong

PHP does not have an stable sort.

In fact, stable sorts are discouraged by most languages, by virtue of not being as fast as other sorts.

But when you need to apply several sorts to the same data (and it is faster to do it in PHP than in the DB layer), you need a stable sort.

Comment: Re:Kudos (Score 1) 337

by Nicolay77 (#32607340) Attached to: Video Games Linked To Reckless Driving

Understeer or oversteer happens because you are driving too fast for taking any given curve. Then the traction wheels lose traction and start sliding.

If your car is FWD, your car normally understeers when losing traction. If your car is RWD, it normally oversteers when losing traction.

Actually, the brake balance can help prevent or induce oversteer, in a RWD if the balance is 60% rear wheels, 40% front wheels, then you will probably oversteer by taking a curve very fast and then slamming the brakes.

'Designing the car to understeer' seems to me just changing the break balance so the front wheels brake more than the rear wheels.

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