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Comment: It requires root privileges and is hw limited ... (Score 5, Informative) 393

by Nicolas Roard (#27677979) Attached to: Intel Cache Poisoning Is Dangerously Easy On Linux
Right, so the 2nd article states "I should note that this particular exploit requires that the attacker already have admin or root privileges on the box" -- and "The exploit code was only written for Intelâ(TM)s DQ35 motherboards. The DQ35 is one of their modern boards. According to Joannaâ(TM)s paper, Intel reported that their newest motherboards (DQ45â(TM)s for example) are not vulnerable to this attack.". In short, it's an interesting proof of concept, but at first glance it's not exactly the scare of the century....

Comment: Re:What a nice "code name"... (Score 1) 612

by Nicolas Roard (#26622125) Attached to: Microsoft Says H-1B Workers Among Those Losing Jobs
I'd be surprised if _only_ 1% of H1-B visa are from europe, considering the inexistence of other options if you are from the EU and you want to work in the US (there are a couple of others visa for specialized jobs as well, iirc). All the europeans I know that know work in the US are either under a H1-B or started with one before applying for a green card.

Comment: Re:...because H1Bs are forms, not people (Score 5, Informative) 574

by Nicolas Roard (#26588039) Attached to: Senator Prods Microsoft On H-1B Visas After Layoff Plans
Care to give some links about this ? All I read about the H1B "grace" period is that there is none. (random recent link There's apparently an unofficial 10 day grace period, but that's about it.

+ - Etoile project release version 0.2

Submitted by
Nicolas Roard
Nicolas Roard writes "The Etoile project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of the Etoile User Environment for UNIX-like systems. The Etoile project aims to produce a user environment for desktop and small form-factor devices, with tight integration between components. The 0.2 release is primarily targeted at developers interested in a GNUstep-based environment. This release includes improvements to the Camaelon theme engine, providing a clean and modern appearance to GNUstep-based applications. This is combined with the Etoile Menu Server, providing a horizontal menu bar similar to that found in Mac OS, and making this the first Etoile release with enough features in place to be usable on a daily basis. Screenshots are here."

+ - Linus Torvalds Explains Scheduler Decision->

Submitted by Firedog
Firedog (666) writes "There's been a lot of recent debate over why Linus Torvalds chose the new CFS process scheduler written by Ingo Molnar over the SD process scheduler written by Con Kolivas, ranging from discussing the quality of the code to favoritism and outright conspiracy theories. KernelTrap is now reporting Linus Torvalds' official stance as to why he chose the code that he did. "People who think SD was 'perfect' were simply ignoring reality," Linus is quoted as saying, going on to explain that he selected the Completely Fair Scheduler because it had a maintainer who has proven himself willing and able to address problems as they are discovered. In the end, the relevance to normal Linux users is two part: one is the question as to whether or not the Linux development model is working, and the other is that with the recently released 2.6.23 kernel we should all notice an improved desktop experience."
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