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Comment: Re:one word (Score 1) 447

by Nicko011 (#41960449) Attached to: Samsung Hits Apple With 20% Price Increase
The comment that I was replying to used the 500 million number. The article itself said they're selling 200 million units this year, up from 150 million units.
If the contract expires at the beginning of 2014, then there will be one year of sales, or around 250 million units (assuming some growth).
It could also expires some time during 2014, which is up to 2 years of sales. In that case, 500 million is a good estimate.

Also, this includes iPad processors, which cost a bit more.
With all of those assumptions, it's likely that the difference in cost will be somewhere around $1 billion. It could be more or less depending on sales and when exactly the contract expires.

Comment: Re:Already #1 in the US market (Score 1) 514

by Nicko011 (#33127244) Attached to: Android Outsells iPhone In Last 6 Months
If you haven't noticed, this also doesn't include new Android phones like the Droid X, which is selling very well and has a several week wait to get. There is also the upcoming Droid 2, which is expected to be extremely popular too. Those two phones are only a couple of the many new Androids being released. Also, your claim of "all other PC vendors combined" vs Dell is extremely far off. It's like comparing Windows to Mac OS. Windows is available on a lot more systems than Mac OS and has a lot higher market share (probably for that reason).

Comment: Re:405 nm (Score 3, Informative) 260

by Nicko011 (#32998730) Attached to: Sony's Blue-Violet Laser the Future Blu-ray?
HDDVD also uses 405nm lasers. Blu-ray burners already hit 500mW, so I really don't think they need to be more powerful... Note that 500mW is already 100 times what those cheap red and green lasers put out, and instantly heats up your skin. Anyway, my point is that this article needs a new title - Blue-violet lasers are nothing new. 100W though? That's insane and will quickly burn a hole through your blu-ray player if it's turned on for more than a several milliseconds. For reference, an unfocused, collimated 1W beam (a couple mm in diameter) will instantly make wood smoke and turn black, burn your skin, blind you, melt thick plastic... I can't imagine a 100W laser in any consumer electronics... pulsed or not. It won't be long until hobbyists stick a nice heatsink on the thing and buy the new devices just for those extremely powerful lasers, just like they're doing for the 445nm 1W lasers that they put in those laser/led projectors. In short, this will be interesting.

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