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Comment: Re: Depends on the energy source duh! (Score 2) 775

by NickeZ (#44163495) Attached to: Electric Vehicles Might Not Benefit the Environment After All
Nope, 149 TWh nuclear and 66 TWh water[1]. If we actually are talking about energy, most is coming from biofuels.

[1] http://webbshop.cm.se/System/DownloadResource.ashx?p=Energimyndigheten&rl=default:/Resources/Permanent/Static/e0a2619a83294099a16519a0b5edd26f/ET2010_46.pdf

Comment: Re:A suggestion (Score 1) 416

by NickeZ (#24218405) Attached to: Linus on Kernel Version Numbering

Well actually, Windows has version numbers too but it is not shown to the user unless you ask for it (eg. winver), but to be fair, the version of the linux kernel is usually not shown to the user either unless you ask for it (eg. uname).

well I see my kernel version every time I reboot since it shows up in grub. Probably only a debian/ubuntu based problem though..

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