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User Journal

Journal: Setting Up As An Indie Games Developer.

Journal by NickFortune

I've been looking for paid employment since the start of the year. Jobs have been harder to come by for a while now, but a recent Slashdot article about how IT workers in my age group are being hit particularly hard by the recession. In particular, one of the links in that story describes a lady who had a series of excellent interviews, none of which resulted in a job.

That's been my experience, too. And it occurs to me that if I want to stay in work as I get older, I'm going to need to be my own boss. So that's what I've decided to do. I'm going to try my hand in the indie games market. I'm not expecting to get rich - it's too competitive a market for that. But I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to make a living with a little hard work.

No big scoop here, nothing for the front page. But I intend to follow up this entry with some thoughts on the process, not to say some blatant market research, and maybe start some discussion on the pros and cons involved.

That's it for now.

Ya'll hear about the geometer who went to the beach to catch some rays and became a tangent ?