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User Journal

New_Age_Reform_Act's Journal: Similarities in culture between American Indians and Chinese

Journal by New_Age_Reform_Act

Scientifically, it is now an established fact that Chinese genes are part of the founding genes of the American Indian.

But the similarities in cultures and belief are astounding...

It was reported that Navajo Indians could understand ancient Chinese characters.

The most important common belief shared between the American Indians and Chinese is the belief in elements, a basic understanding of our planet as defined by I-Ching.

I-Ching defined the eight basic elements..the wind, the earth, the heaven, the water, the fire, the thunder, the mountains, and the marsh lands. Indians believe almost the same..I heard that American Indian believe that there is a spirit guarding each of these elements. Chinese also believe in the same...except sometimes there are more than one....

Chinese and Indians both believe in the dragons...

They both believe that when the body is sick, it is invaded by evil spirits that cause the energy in the body to become imbalance. In Chinese we call the energy "Chi".

Both races share the same belief in herbal medicines.

Now comes the most interesting part...the god of thunder.

Indians believe in the Thunder Bird.

Chinese believe the god of thunder, Lei Kung( grandpa of thunder) is a god with head of a bird, has wings and claws......

Both races believe in spiritual forces....and atonement with nature.

I think we have only started to scratch the surface of the link between these two people.

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Similarities in culture between American Indians and Chinese

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