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Comment: Re:There people are really, really stupid (Score 2) 309

by Nevynxxx (#41617599) Attached to: US Looks For Input On "The Next Big Things"

No. The funding came *after* the inital breakthrough which was pure basic science.

People looked at what Bhor had shown, and what Enstein had shown and said, if we put money into this we can make power, or bombs.

Without the pure basic research that came before it, we'd have nothing.

Comment: Re:or Brazil (Score 4, Interesting) 1365

by Nevynxxx (#40918593) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What's the Most Depressing Sci-fi You've Ever Read?

Pervasive surveillance, socio-political engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, artificial birth - it's all there. I would assume you never actually read either book.

I wouldn't assume that. I'd assume the reader is young enough that they don't realise that those things didn't exist when the book was written.

Sci-Fi that's good enough that when the science catches it up, it looks just like fiction. Now that's a skillful writer!

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