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by NevarMore (#43763975) Attached to: Of 1000 Americans Polled, Most Would Ban Home Printing of Guns

Printers are sold with an embedded chip that prevents the printing of currency. From what I understand, the chip is typically buried so deep into the printer that they simply can't operate if you could find it and remove it. We could attempt a similar requirement on a 3D printer. .

The cat is out of the bag already. Several of the hobbyist 3d printers are self replicating. You're also selling a device to a market which is inherently prone to tinkering and modifying things. It wont last long.

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by NevarMore (#43006757) Attached to: We Aren't the World: Why Americans Make Bad Study Subjects

Even the most conservative and picky counts of NRA membership puts that organization at 2+ million members. The NRA itself claims 4.25 million members. Plus the other groups such as the Second Amendment Foundation, Gun Owners of America, American Silencer Association, and many others.

I wouldn't call ~1% of the US population voluntarily joining a group as overly-vocal. Gun owners speak with a loud voice because there are so many of us, not because we have some unfair advantage.

"Gun loving" is not an insult. It is what many Americans and citizens of other nations are. You may not like what we do to protect ourselves or in our spare time, but we choose to own firearms and we participate in the political process to ensure that our rights are not infringed.

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by NevarMore (#43004537) Attached to: 'This Is Your Second and Final Notice' Robocallers Revealed

Bit off topic, but I oppose the death penalty because I do not trust a state which cannot effectively manage basic services and which regularly convicts innocent men (plea deals and bad police work) to effectively and correctly administer the death penalty.

Take for instance the deathrow inmate in Ohio who was too fucking fat to fit on the table. This is a person living in a tightly controlled environment (prison) where the state has complete control of his diet and routine. The state owned his life, they had the power and authority to kill him but not the power, authority, or awareness to put him on a fucking diet. Something they should do for all prisoners anyway, since paying for a diabetic, obese inmate is much more expensive than a regular inmate.


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by NevarMore (#42316959) Attached to: Adam Lanza Destroyed His Computer Before Rampage

The fingerprints on his keyboard and they way the letters are worn will show which keys he used most

CSI: NCIS New Miami York has determined that he used R S T L N E keys more than others, this has determined that he was likely an English speaker and had a real hard on for Vanna White. This attack may have been a plea for help after his failed attempt to get on Wheel of Fortune.

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