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Comment: Re:Way too confusing (Score 1) 1264

by Neurotrace (#39850693) Attached to: Why Desktop Linux Hasn't Taken Off
^ All of this. I in no way claim to be a regular Linux user but I am a developer and know my way around the terminal. But even when dealing with some of the "easier" distros (Ubuntu, Mint, etc.) I hit some of the weirdest bugs, usually involving drivers. Due to the lack of useful bug fix posts (which most users shouldn't even need to search for) it can sometimes take hours or days to fix something that shouldn't have even been a bug in the first place. I should never have to worry about my OS not recognizing my monitor, ignoring some USB devices, or failing to recognize my wireless card.

Comment: Re:Has he ever actually talked to users? (Score 1) 980

by Neurotrace (#38334720) Attached to: The Condescending UI
I absolutely agree with you. UI's should be rather simple for the lay user so they can just pick it up and go. I think the real problem here (as others have mentioned) is the lack of advanced options. As a power user, I feel hindered by the Ribbon UI but if I could find some option hidden away in the deep recesses of the preference that would change it, everything would be fine.

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