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Comment: Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 284

The calculation is based upon assumed energy requirements. In other words the resource to be exploited cannot possibly be valued more than the assumed energy required to obtain it.

Of course this line of rationale falls in to the "rational actor" fallacy. Since humans aren't rational actors, why would aliens have to be?

Comment: Re:Touch our great lakes (Score 1) 330

by Nethemas the Great (#48613873) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought
Siphoning the Columbia would be (aside from being a bit on the polluted side) in league with any other fresh water source. Their best bet for a sustaining supply to meet fresh water demands would be to tap the near limitless Pacific with a bunch of desalinization plants. Yes it costs more, but long term there isn't much of a choice and it's negligible relative to everything else that drives up the cost of living in that state.

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