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Comment Re:VW Diesel's do have low polluting exhaust ... (Score 1) 203

For a certain technology it "can only go so far." If we want cleaner systems, and what is being offered isn't able to meet the challenge that doesn't mean the standard needs to be weakened. It means the system being employed needs to be evolved/replaced. In short we throw the requirements at the engineers and they come up with a new solution.

Comment Re:You're Very Wrong (Score 1) 381

You are incorrect. You will increasingly be incorrect. Geo-location services based upon IP are available. However, they are not always accurate. For instance, ISPs hand out IPs as assigned to their network operations center. Your proper location is lost at the first NAT you encounter. For a time I lived in the back of beyond rural Wisconsin. My only choice for internet was a satellite link via Hughes. Their NOC was located in Atlanta IIRC and the IP address I was assigned cause me to have content tailored for that geographic area. In the present there exists an increasing lack of IPv4 addresses that I suspect will force a redistribution of unused addresses in non-traditional ways as well as increasing layers of NATs.

Comment Re:Want to solve most of the world's problems? (Score 1) 258

I think you forgot the 40+ demographic running things part. Political action is only useful if the people whom hold proper ideas also represent the majority and are not otherwise disenfranchised. Without the 40+ folks gone, neither qualification stands much of a chance.

Comment Want to solve most of the world's problems? (Score 0) 258

You want radical and "messy"? Eliminate healthcare. Youth want a big, bright, collective future. Older generations like the status quo, like to believe the world is their's to play like an RTS. Let the old, infirm generations perish and you'll eliminate most of the worlds despots and imperialists.

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