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Comment: Re:Wouldn't it suffer eminent heat death? (Score 1) 520

by Nethemas the Great (#48454223) Attached to: What Would Have Happened If Philae Were Nuclear Powered?
The trouble comes when misguided people lacking knowledge about a certain subject nonetheless put a voice to their baseless fears. When considerations are made, their voice is given undue audience. Regrettably in a democracy, the vote of the idiot and the savant are given equal measure. In comparison to the later, the former seems to suffer no lack of abundance.

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With very few changes I doubt most urban and suburban dwellers would have issues keeping an electric vehicle sufficiently charged for their day to day. It's a mindset problem. People tend to look at an electric as if it were a petrol car. Few put more than 40 or so miles on their car per day. The reason for the long range of petrol cars is because the refueling process is "attended" and only at specific locations, you have to go to a fueling station and twiddle your thumbs for five or so minutes. If you had to do that every day, or if took more than say 10 minutes each time it'd be considered a real pain in the arse because you have to go to a certain location and stand around waiting for the refueling to complete. With an electric you just run a power cord to the car and walk off. Even if you only have access to a 110V 15A outlet where you live and/or work you'll end up with enough range to keep you going.

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Maintenance of equipment, especially the compressor portion would make it a no-go. An LP holding tank is quite a different beast in terms of what can go wrong from the compressor. I also wouldn't doubt there'd be municipal zoning hurdles for the same reason.

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I considered this but, I also see a strong and growing stronger movement of municipalities to roll their own. Among other reasons they see it as a means of attracting businesses to their towns. A paradigm shift is going to be forced upon Crapcast and co. whether they like it or not. Cable subscribers are bleeding out of these companies as consumers adopt data only services. Municipalities are now moving in and filling that role with far more attractive offers. Municipalities won't be harmed by title II, but it certainly won't be business as usual for the legacy players under it. As the saying goes "karma's a b**ch".

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As a consumer, not seeing much downside in that one. Can only mean we get rates that resemble the rest of the world. The tellcos have a long history of being money grabbing douche bags--at least here in the US. They got slapped for this with the Ma Bell breakup. They didn't learn. An intervention is long overdue.

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I think you might be searching for the term "nostalgia bias" otherwise known as rosy retrospection.


Nothing annoys a young person like an old person talking about the "good old days" especially when there exists objective historical records demonstrating that they were dumber, they had a lower quality of life, their technology was inferior, their brand of politics had horrendous consequences, etc..

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