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Comment: Re:Touch our great lakes (Score 1) 330

by Nethemas the Great (#48613873) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought
Siphoning the Columbia would be (aside from being a bit on the polluted side) in league with any other fresh water source. Their best bet for a sustaining supply to meet fresh water demands would be to tap the near limitless Pacific with a bunch of desalinization plants. Yes it costs more, but long term there isn't much of a choice and it's negligible relative to everything else that drives up the cost of living in that state.

Comment: Jumping to conclusions (Score 2) 415

I find it highly unlikely that Microsoft would switch solely to a subscription model. There are any number of deployment contexts where machines spend their life not connected to the Internet. Not only would offline renewal be a customer service nightmare, the expense of operating it would negate any merit. Even if connected, many (most?) consumers, as well as many businesses would be highly adverse to switching from a capital purchase to a lease of their PCs.

Comment: Organized Crime (Score 1) 720

by Nethemas the Great (#48548549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can a Felon Work In IT?

American society is set up to promote recidivism. If you want to do meaningful work you've got very limited options on the "clean" path. I think Hawaii actually prohibits the consideration of criminal records for hiring. Everywhere else you're forced to wear your scarlet letter in full view. Small business might be your best shot. Your call on whether or not to fess up on your past. The chance of a background check varies by the sector the business is in.

Or, you can acknowledge reality and just go shop around for a plush job doing IT for the underground. I'm told they hire some of the best and brightest while offering very respectable compensation packages. e.g. medical, dental, 401K, etc.

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