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Comment: Re:Oops! (Score 5, Insightful) 255

by Nethead (#49026551) Attached to: Jeb Bush Publishes Thousands of Citizens' Email Addresses

So the assumed front runner for the Democrats isn't credible when speaking about foreign policy? Not saying she's the best for the job, and you may not agree with her policy ideas, but her being a First Lady, a Senator, and a Secretary of State, you have to give her some foreign policy chops. Much more than any state governor may have.

I will give Jeb some chops just for hanging with dad and W, but not much.

Comment: Re:Downtime [Offtopic] (Score 2) 85

by Nethead (#49026369) Attached to: FBI Attempts To Prevent Disclosure of Stingray Use By Local Cops

Speaking of points of failure. I was helping out at a site that our corporate overlords purchased (makes things for airliners) that had an old SGI server that had one HD in it that is the boot device. They know nothing about SGI nor how to back it up, they don't have support for it. They say this is mission critical.

Fuck me running.

I think I'll have to build up a BSD box and dig through the garage for an old Adaptec SCSI card, maybe I can dd it, I hope.

Or let it die, they deserve it.

Comment: Re:Who uses cars anymore? (Score 1) 481

by Nethead (#48987005) Attached to: DOT Warns of Dystopian Future For Transportation

I live on Tulalip Bay and work in downtown Everett a few blocks from the transit center. It would still take me about an hour and 45 minutes to bus to work. I can drive it in 15 minutes, okay, 20 with getting coffee. Plus I would have to deal with about a half mile of walking in the rain many days. I also need my car to visit several other sites in the area for my work.

For me, mass transit is not going to happen.

Okay, build me a monorail down SR 529 and I'll think about it :)

When the weight of the paperwork equals the weight of the plane, the plane will fly. -- Donald Douglas