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Comment Create a State of Nature (Score 1) 811

I'd create a State of Nature to preserve the pre-civil culture of northern Europeans -- not just to "save the world" but because that's the enrivonment I want:

1) Buy up large tracts of undeveloped land in nations, in exchange for low land value taxation, that agreed to let people, on those lands, live by the 7 points of agreements between individuals outlined in the aforelinked blog post on "The State of Nature".
2) Permit any indigenous peoples to remain so long as they agreed to those points, excluding everyone else but invitees of the people in those nature preserves. This includes financing a nature preserve patrols (drones, etc.) to prevent encroachment.
3) Set up a cloning foundation to clone people who have been taken out of the gene pool by the current dysgenic culture -- particularly highly intelligent and attractive females that got conned into giving up childbearing for a "career".
4) Set up a foundation for emergency relocation of population when a host nation violates their agreement to permit autonomy.
5) Invite people I like personally to the nature preserve in which I want to live.
6) Invite other lonely billionaires to live in other nature preserves so they could enjoy the natural healthy relationships with beautiful intelligent women.
7) Do what I can to help Bezos, Musk, et al to reduce civilization's ecological footprint on the biosphere -- preferably by space migration. This involves all manner of technology.

Comment Re:Time Value of Capital (Score 1) 61

DanielRavenNest writes: "It takes 2-3 years for the tug to do the return to cislunar space (near the Moon's orbit)."

That sounds like a round trip is going to be 4-6 years plus the dwell times at the ends (which may not be significant in low-hanging-fruit scenarios).

What is the rate of interest you're using for the amortization? What does the tug cost up front? What is the price charged for the hydrocarbons and oxygen produced? What price elasticity of demand are you using?

PS: Thanks for not being "not even wrong".

Comment Time Value of Capital (Score 1) 61

Lewis's interview doesn't touch on the primary economic killer of asteroidal resource retrieval:

The time value of capital.

The equipment you need to do all this is a capital investment. You start paying interest (at a high rate due to risk) on that capital the moment you start constructing it. But more importantly, the amount of time it takes to get to the asteroids and back builds up interest payments that raise the quality of ore required to break even. There is some speculation that the quality of ore in some asteroids is high enough to overcome this objection but I've never seen anyone sit down and lay out the business case in a straight forward manner that didn't come to the conclusion that it is capital service that kills asteroid mining of high value metals.

Comment A Path to Citizenship for H-1B Fraudsters! (Score 1) 414

This just in from the DNC's inner sanctum email traffic on what they really mean by "a path to citizenship":

"We've just approved a new plank in Hillary's platform: Pile illegals up in a stadium, drop a nuke on them and pray for them to reincarnate as children of US citizens!"

Comment Re:Casino Noise (Score 1) 129

All legitimate government is a mutual insurance company.

One may ask what it is legitimate for a government to insure and that is a good question but if one posits "capitalism" and does not start with property rights, what does the government insure and what is the basis for underwriting hence charging insurance premiums?

The insurance premium one pays on a property right is going to be actuarially calculated based on multiple factors, one of which is the value of the property. This is the case with _all_ property insurance. That ends up looking a lot like a flat tax on the liquidation value of net assets.

Comment Casino Noise (Score 0) 129

Anyone who has been in a casino can hear all kinds of noise and it is all of people winning. You never hear the noise of people losing. That's only one lie of Silicon Valley and, indeed, of global pseudo-capitalism.

pseudo-capitalism: capitalism in which the cost of protecting property rights is paid for by taxing economic activity rather than the property rights themselves.

Which is the bigger lie? That pseudo-capitalism is capitalism or that all that noise you hear is an accurate statistical sample of the odds of hitting the jackpot?

Submission + - An Infinite Number of Ways To Say "I Love You" With Relational Programming->

Baldrson writes: This is an interesting angle on relational programming: Relate a functional or even imperative language program to its outputs, provide constraints and then reverse to do fun things like generate all programs that say "I love you.", generate all Quines, etc. This is demonstrated in PolyConf 15: The Promise of Relational Programming / William Byrd. (The afore video link skips past the boring logic programming type stuff like reversible append.) But this is more than a mere novelty, as demonstrated in the final section of the presentation: Imperative programs (involving destructive assignment, error traps, etc.) can be interpreted under the relational paradigm to answer questions like, "What input conditions to this program yield this output condition?"
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Comment Re:Greeks surrender: no restructuring (Score 1) 485

l2718 asks:

wonder how Tsirpas will sell this to his constituents who just voted a firm "NO" to a deal without restructuring.


The All New Slashdot IMF Editorial Policy is to leave questions like that answered in the subtext of the original post: The People Don't Matter and If You Think They Do You're a 'Populist' which is just shy of being an 'Extremist'.

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 1) 91

If other judges follow this precedent, it will be the death knell of civil litigation involving the internet in any way. I don't like how trolls do business, but I don't think changing the rules like this is a good idea overall.

This isn't changing the rules. This is following the rules.

See my article in the ABA's Judges Journal about how judges had been bending the rules for the RIAA. "Large Recording Companies v. The Defenseless: Some Common Sense Solutions to the Challenges of the RIAA Litigation". The Judges' Journal, Judicial Division of American Bar Association. Summer 2008 edition, Part 1 of The Judges Journals' 2-part series, "Access to Justice".

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 1) 91

Remember, Malibu Media can just change venues too and start this all over again... This judge didn't do anything worth while for you and me and opened himself up to an appeal where he obviously will be slapped. About the only thing he accomplished is getting Malibu Media out of his courtroom and off his docket, for now. Nothing else will change.

I beg to differ.

Malibu Media can't choose the venue, or the judge.

If Judge Hellerstein's decision is followed by other judges, it will be the death knell of the present wave of Malibu Media litigation.

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 1) 91

I fully appreciate your perspective and I agree that the waters are getting pretty muddy when you start trying to tie an IP address to a person, but the issue here is the issuing of the subpoena and not letting Malibu Media pursue discovery. They must be allowed to protect their rights in civil court, and that means they must be allowed to subpoena third parties for information so they can move from "John Doe" to an actual name and in this case, that takes a subpoena from the court.

While your argument for discovery has some logic to it, it is based on a false assumption of fact : that Malibu Media, once it obtains the name and address of the internet account subscriber, will serve a subpoena on that person in an attempt to find out the name of the person who should be named as a defendant.

Malibu Media's uniform practice, once it gets the name and address, is to immediately amend the complaint to name the subscriber as the infringer/defendant and then serve a summons and amended complaint, not a subpoena, on the subscriber.

This is in every single case .

Comment Re:Victory for common sense! (Score 1) 91

I'm not so sure I agree that this make sense...

You didn't read the judges 11 page opinion then, where he makes his reasons very clear. Among other things, the trolls claim that they need the information to take people to court, but they never do; they just abuse the courts as a cheap way to get information for their blackmail scheme. The point that an IP is not an ID is exactly the point here, because the copyright troll wouldn't have any right to the name of anyone than the copyright infringer. And the fine judge found out that these copyright trolls have in several instances just ignored court orders and have just lied to the courts.

Well said

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