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+ - Photon-transistors exchange data between photons->

Submitted by gregor-e
gregor-e (136142) writes "Scientist from the Niels Bohr Institute at University of Copenhagen and from Harvard University have come up with a way for photons to exchange data. Normally, photons pass right by each other without interacting. What these guys have done is establish a means of transferring information from one photon to another by using a single atom intermediary. This provides a step toward practical quantum computation, by allowing the signals to be purely optical in nature."
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+ - Wii Becomes Leading Console

Submitted by Bender0x7D1
Bender0x7D1 (536254) writes "According to VG Chartz, total worldwide sales of the Nintendo Wii have surpassed those of of the XBox 360. It has been a long time since Nintendo held the lead in console sales and Sony, the sales leader of the previous generation, is lagging far behind in this current generation. The question is: Does the Wii have the staying power to keep outselling the competition, or will upcoming games like Halo 3 and GTA IV give the advantage to Microsoft and Sony?"

+ - Dell laptops still exploding->

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bl8n8r writes "It "looked like fireworks which would have been cool had it not been in my house." said Doug Brown of Columbus, Ohio. Brown, a Network Administrator, called 911 last week when the Dell 9200 laptop burst into flames in his house. Emergency response units included two pumpers, a ladder truck, a bamalance, the HAZMAT unit, and a battalion chief. When Doug phoned Dell to inquire about liability, he was asked if he had insurance. It's not clear if Doug's laptop is one of the earlier models recalled by Dell; a Macbook is cited in TFA for allegedly burning down a house in Australia as well as another instance of a suspect Dell laptop burning down a pickup truck in Nevada. If the burning battery issues are going to continue to be a problem, who's going to be responsible for losses? Insurance companies, Laptop makers, Battery vendors, and consumer negligence could presumably be cited in all cases."
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