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Comment Because it's terrible (Score 1) 410

This is often because in-car tech is terrible. The user interfaces often seem to be reminiscent of something knocked together for Windows CE in the mid 90s, they are often awkward and laggy and counterintuitive. And basically they are ossified to the car's manufacture date, and you have to pay through the nose for data updates. When I last changed my car, the car was 18 years old - would an in-car satnav/other tech still be supported 18 years after it came out?

All I want in a car today is this: some USB charging ports, some point on the vehicle interior that allows you to attach a tablet or phone holder, and a decent Bluetooth implementation. It's far easier to update my phone or tablet than anything actually built into a car, and I can also take it with me and use it in a rental vehicle, on my bicycle, in my house etc.

Comment Re:"In recent years" ? (Score 1) 242

It's not unique to programming. It's everywhere. Good looking young fresh faces sell newspapers and magazines, the older face of experience does not. For instance, take music - predominantly young acts are promoted, and older acts that are making new music that's arguably better are ignored. See the headline "21 year old entrepreneur starts X business" - but never see the headline "50 year old entrepreneur starts X business" etc. The obsession with youth is human nature, not something unique to the computer world.

Comment Re:Two wrongs don't make a right... (Score 1) 301

The whole operation of Ashley Madison - at least what is described of them in wikipedia - is crooked. I have no respect for such an operation that is built on lies and deceit. However, hacking them and dumping their data publicly is illegal regardless of what they are doing (and to the best of my understanding while Ashley Madison did immoral things, they were not illegal things).

If the hackers want to shut down Ashley Madison they might accomplish that, but they have also shown in so doing that there is a market demand for the services they provided, which will just cause someone else - presumably with better network security practices - to launch an identical service.

So fucking what? Slavery used to be illegal, yet we all agree that it wasn't right. And believe me, there definitely was a "market demand" for slaves, at one time.
The older I get, the fewer shits I give about what is "legal". I see law as an instrument of power of the rich and connected. Some of the law is right, some of it isn't. I follow the law so I don't get into trouble, but I sure as hell cheer of this hack.

Comment Re:My wife cheated on I download this? (Score 1) 319

"Chase after the truth like all hell and you'll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat tails." - Clarence Darrow

If she cheated and you're working on things, she has no right to be offended if you don't trust her. Check that shit.

I'll be looking to download it just on general principles.


Comment Re:Assholes! (Score 1) 188

They are probably not messing with the cell service, it's probably that there are so many people hitting the same cell tower that you're just running out of bandwidth.

I've seen it happen at Event City in Manchester, the quality of your cell connection is inversely proportional to the amount of people attending.

Comment Re:Are they going to fine airlines for doing the s (Score 1) 188

They interfere with small aircraft avionics too, I've seen it (on an instrument approach, in the rain, at night). GSM is particularly obnoxious, it's pretty much guaranteed to wipe out all the audio and has a high chance of causing course deviation indicators to deflect.

We were intercepting the localiser one night and suddenly, all the audio was obliterated by "bip b b bip b b bip b b bip b b bip bRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" as my friend's wife called him. If ATC had given us an instruction at that moment we would not have heard it. It was also extremely distracting.

Comment Re: Amazing (Score 2) 492

If you think that your experience is identical to everyone else's, you are the one who is deluded.

Your experience is atypical. Outside of the Bay area, Silicon Valley and Manhattan, tech salaries are substantially lower.

In my market, $70-90k is the range for most experienced IT personnel. Employers here heavily recruit H1B workers and pay them in the $75k range. It's cheaper because H1B contractors don't get paid the same kind of benefits, retirement, et cetera.


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