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Comment: Abandoned apps are worse (Score 3, Interesting) 89

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48519283) Attached to: Fraudulent Apps Found In Apple's Store

As the versions of iOS increase, many of the apps that I purchased don't even work anymore and are still on the app store.
Perhaps the developer just forgot about them, or couldn't be bothered spending the time or money to update them to more current iOS versions.
It seems that there are a lot of abandoned apps out there.

Comment: I just don't get it (Score 4, Insightful) 229

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48511611) Attached to: FBI Seizes Los Angeles Schools' iPad Documents

I can't understand why schools are in such a massive rush to buy iPads before they've even figured out how to use them, and where they fit into the curriculum.
They all chase after the "new-shiny" and plop down a bucket of money before considering or testing the impact, much less training teachers. ...and the fact they were hacked... but yeah. We all had fun doing that on the Apple IIs educational software and with game disks we brought to school back in the 80s. Probably more valuable education looking back. It was fun to strip the "mathbooster" mathematics space-invader game of the actual maths and then play it as Taito originally intended ;)

Comment: Jack Tramiel (Score 4, Interesting) 189

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48475997) Attached to: Behind Apple's Sapphire Screen Debacle

Sounds an awful lot like Jack Tramiel's questionable business practices while at Commodore:

1. Make a large order to a supplier for parts
2. Supplier runs up costs and works to complete the order
3. Fail to pay the supplier in a timely manner
4. Let the supplier go bankrupt
5. Buy the supplier at liquidated prices
6. Profit!

Comment: Unless the plant is surrounded in a glass dome... (Score 2) 128

If someone were so morally bankrupt enough to create a drone army to infiltrate certain gaps and structural weaknesses in the plant and detonate significant payload to disrupt cooling/power/containment, surrounding area is going to be uninhabitable for a looong time.

Time for plants to consider netting, maybe? If it would help at all? Perhaps reinforce areas so that drones can't easily fly into them?

Comment: Re:I blame women (Score 2) 306

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48256873) Attached to: We Are All Confident Idiots

...which is funny because in East Asian countries (specifically China, Japan), being and sounding overly confident comes off arrogant and boastful.... EVEN IF you ARE confident about certain things. You'll just sound pompous, to the point where you have to fake inadequacy to get people to take you seriously.

This would explain why nerdy and geeky men typically hook up with Asian women.

Comment: erratum: missing lines (Score 2) 169

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48232433) Attached to: Tetris Is Hard To Test

13 fors=ltol+(m-160-l)*qstep-1:pokes+11,peek(s-29):next:y=y-q:m=m+q*40:z=z+q
14 l=l+40*not-q:next:print"{home}";z:goto7
15 b=0:forx=0to3:b=bor1andpeek(w+e(g+x)):next:b=b>0:w=-t*b-w*notb:l$="a":return

{home} is the home character blob (appears as reverse S character) within quotes

Use A,S,D keys to rotate and drop the blocks
Have fun!

Comment: C64 BASIC version within a screen of code (Score 3, Interesting) 169

by Neo-Rio-101 (#48232409) Attached to: Tetris Is Hard To Test

It's a 15 liner.
Note that the {CBM-x} represents the graphic on that particular key (press the c= key and the letter to produce it)

1 a$="efijefijefijefijbfjnhijkbfjnhijkijfgaefjijfgaefjefjkiefbefjkiefbbfjidefj"
2 a$=a$+"abeieijkaeijijkgabfjiefgehijebfj@abe@dhe":o=207:dime(o):forx=0to111
3 print," {CBM-M}"," {CBM-G}":p=asc(mid$(a$,x+1)):e(x)=(pand3)+(pand12)*10:next:m=2024
4 print," {CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}{CBM-T}":gosub6:goto7
5 pokei+e(r),c:pokei+e(r+1),c:pokei+e(r+2),c:pokei+e(r+3),c:c=160:r$="d":return
6 i=1152:r=h:c=32:gosub5:j=int(rnd(0)*7)*16:r=j:gosub5:r=h:h=j:i=i+9:return
7 gosub6:w=i:t=i:g=r:k=240:l=1278
8 gosub15:c=32:gosub5:r=-r*b-g*notb:g=r
9 i=w:w=i+40:gosub5:gosub15:ifbthen12
10 getk$:g=randkor((r-4*(k$="s"))and15)
11 t=w:w=w+(k$=l$)-(k$=r$):l=l+40:goto8
12 c=o:gosub5:m=m-(l0:w=-t*b-w*notb:l$="a":return

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