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Comment The ITIL approach sucks for security (Score 4, Interesting) 192

The problem with vulnerabilities is when you are in an organization where simple patching is overmanaged to death so that the patches are never applied in a timely manner.

As I have discovered, it is a lot better in a legal sense to leave things unpatched. The patching requires downtime, it adds nothing to business, it introduces risks to the system of a failed change. If the patching screws up, then YOU take the blame.

It is just MUCH easier to leave the vulnerability unpatched and tolerate getting hacked. Reason? Because then somebody else takes the blame. It wasn't you, Mr. System Admin, who broke the system, but someone else. Therefore, it's not your fault. You can walk away with your paycheck as the system explodes in the background. If you noticed the vulnerability and made plans to patch it, and it doesn't get patched due to some bureaucratic ITIL wrangling, you can just walk away from the carcrash.

Patching vulnerabilities just isn't a priority for many IT environments.

Comment If you think suspend is bad (Score 1) 378

...wake from suspend is a whole lot worse.

Tried getting my wireless logitech keyboard to wake up my ubuntu-installed intel NUC to wake from sleep, but I can't get it to work.
Logitech's Unifying receiver can wake from sleep on Windows out of the box, but ubuntu needs hacks and tweaks... of which I can't get to work.

Having to get out of the chair and lean over to hit the power button on the computer should not be a feature when there's a wireless keyboard on the couch.

Comment Re:Keen redefined (Score 1) 26

Just because you don't deal with Microsoft or Windows Server in your daily life doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of places that use it.

Like it or not, there are many companies who have run Windows Server as legacy and then migrate to the newer versions when the time arises.
They do this because the applications they want to run are all on the Windows platform! Surprise!

Now, we can start OS wars about the technical merits of Linux vs Windows.... but the fact of the matter is, if the app the business runs is on Windows Server, then the server going to run Windows Server, and that is the end of the conversation.

As a consultant, you often walk into Windows shops and have to deal with real companies, and their very real business needs.
If you work in-house for a company and have the latitude to enforce Linux company-wide, or you're an ISP or something, then good for you.... but you're in a minority.
If you are mostly a Linux enterprise environment, you're probably dealing with the horror that is Oracle.
That's enough to make companies jump into Microsoft's arms.

Besides, I'm looking to Windows Server 2016 to support SSH so I don't have to install Cygwin to get it.

Comment Re:Colony Collapse Disorder is for BEES! (Score 1) 174

I imagine it is the same for you when you wake up, check the site, look for smug tripe, and then post your own smug tripe which was in response the mildly amusing troll.

Come on, reply again and let's keep taking this to it's "reducto ad absurdum" singularity.

Comment Re:Where Do I Plug In My Cassette Drive?? (Score 2) 62

The failed loading was basically due to the tape heads being misaligned.
And the woeful speed was also fixed by tape turbos... but again, took third parties to do it.
Also decent data compression wasn't widely used. Most of the data being saved was uncompressed.

With aligned heads, decent data compression, and fast tape turbos.... it became completely possibly to jam around 60 decent games onto a single C90 cassette. .... but by that time, the world had moved on.

Comment Commodore needs to finish the C65 (Score 1) 62

There's no point in Commodore releasing this "me-too" Android phone. Nobody is going to give two-flying rats, especially the people who remember what Commodore was before it fell into bankruptcy.

In the past year, the remaining enthusiasts have seen redesigned clone C64 motherboard (the Commodore "reloaded") and we've seen a successful kickstarter to mould new C64 cases - in new colours including transparent - which could be used to hold a C64 motherboard OR be used as a case for other computer projects (raspberry pis for example).
There are new storage devices for all the old kit that enthusiasts have made (the 1541U2, the Chameleon cartridge, SD2IEC), but Commodore had nothing to do with these at all.

This new "Commodore" who owns the rights has failed to do what other enthusiasts have had to pick up the mantle to do.... and none of these enthusiasts can use the Commodore logo because the new owners start getting all litigious. The new "Commodore" is just hoping to ride off the nostalgia that the original Commodore generated. Nothing more, nothing less.

If the new owners had half a brain, they'd be building raspberry pi-like devices and supporting the computer hobbiest segment of the market.
That's what Commodore was renowned for. Computers for the masses, and enough openness and simplicity so that the beginner could get down and dirty with machine language and the chips on the board.

Why the hell can't they just finish the C65 and give us something new to hack on? I'd spend money on that over an android phone.

Comment Control Panel vs Settings (Score 1) 172

We complained to Microsoft that we didn't want the schizophrenic UI choice of "control panel" vs "settings"
They listened, and then ignored everyone.
There is no good reason for both to exist in Windows 10 at all.

They've pushed this OS out the door minus the polish required to fix this glaring disparity.

Granted, these things will probably get fixed in later versions, but currently Windows 10 has plenty of niggling issues still, and they're pushing it out the door.
Full screen on a number of apps doesn't work properly (being the major one I've discovered)

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