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Comment Re:Bad stuff happens in war (Score 2) 529

The fact is this:
If the Palestinians first stopped firing rockets to made peace, the Jews would put away all their rockets and make peace.
If, however, the Jews first stopped firing rockets to make peace, the Palestinians would just continue the attacks until Israel is destroyed.

Both sides are guilty of atrocities, but this being Slashdot... I'd rather the side that has an industry of designing CPUs for Intel beat the side that has a bizarre totalitarian religion that routinely generates suicide bombers.

Comment How to beat any weird screw (Score 4, Interesting) 250

Weird screws are nasty, but not impossible to circumvent with this one weird scientific trick that you will never believe actually works...!

OK ok.... here's what it is:

All you need to do it get a bic biro pen, pull out head and shaft, and then melt the plastic case tip in a flame.
Then place the molten plastic bit over the "impossible to open" screw. Hold it there until the plastic becomes solid again.
Et voila.... you now have a screwdriver, moulded from the weird screw you need to open. Have fun.

Comment Call of Duty in game chat (Score 3, Interesting) 204

It really wouldn't be hard to use the in game functions of any military themed shooter game to set up an an attack.

Essentially, in game people are already talking about shooting people and targets, that even unencrypted it would be painfully difficult to filter through all the chats - supposing you had access to them - to figure out which players were talking about playing the game, and who would be planning something in real life.

Quite scary

Comment Re:Queue the PCMasterRace kids (Score 2) 86

Computer and console wars only really made sense when your parents could only afford to buy you one, so you were lumped with it and forced to defend what you had even if it wasn't the best.
Now that you're a grown adult you can buy pretty much all the consoles if you wanted.

Makes no sense to do that with the OS wars, but then what would we have to talk about on /. ? :)

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