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I'm pretty sure the person you are responding to wasn't implying that Chinese was obsolete; rather they were saying that some Chinese names contain ancient symbols. Sort of like how you could (in theory) run into an english speaking person whose family is positively ancient; their first name might be entirely in ASCII characters, but their last name might contain ancient/obsolete letters/symbols, like (the combined AE symbol). Depending on what exactly you are using the names for, it may not be correct to translate an old symbol into a newer one.

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It is true. I made a ridiculous looking wikipedia article back in 2006 while making a scavenger hunt for my girlfriend. For more than six years that article has sat there, even though it references fake people, fake companies and fake quotes. It has even been cleaned up a little by others over the years.

The worst it got is a 'this article may contain original research' tag. I'm sure if it had widespread exposure someone would realize it is completely fake. But articles on wikipedia just don't get exposure. They sit there until someone looks them up. And that person is rarely an expert.

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