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Comment: Re:ELI5 please (Score 1) 354

by NemosomeN (#47841099) Attached to: DMCA Claim Over GPL Non-Compliance Shuts Off Minecraft Plug-Ins
I think it's more like "I created a tool that used part of Minecraft illegally, violating its license, but released under GPL. Now that you, owner of Minecraft, are releasing this tool, you can't be violating your own license, you must be violating the GPL by having a closed source blob, *that you have the source for*, as part of the codebase. Mojang should release the source code for that blob, and nothing else, to comply.

Comment: Re:majority of Americans ... have seen their premi (Score 1) 219

by NemosomeN (#46635237) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Experiences With Free To Air Satellite TV?
That logic fails to account for the VAST majority who don't set their savings aside, or those who are on bare-bones plans they don't understand. Beyond that, what if you get hurt/sick before you've had time to save up? I'm not arguing for "Cadillac" plans, just plans with coverage to prevent you from being a ward of the state, no matter when a bad event happens. People with inadequate insurance who can afford adequate insurance are NOT being responsible people.

Comment: Re:Quite possibly indeed! But still... FUCK BETA! (Score 4, Insightful) 573

by NemosomeN (#46169969) Attached to: HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

Heh, as someone who just tried beta, kinda find this thread funny. I lasted about 15 seconds on beta before going back to classic.

On topic though, just strip out the parts of jQuery you need, rename them, and use them as-is. Think about it like static-linking a library.

Comment: Re: Cost limit functions (Score 1) 298

by NemosomeN (#46157841) Attached to: Price of Amazon Prime May Jump To $119 a Year
You are absolutely correct in that you are missing my point. A loss leader always cuts into profits. That's part of the definition of a loss leader. The loss is likely expanding due to inflation and increase in services (Keep in mind, the streaming portion, which is now a major driver of Prime subscriptions, was added without increasing the price). That being said, adjusted for straight inflation, the price would have been about $99 ($97.43, based on CPI to 12-31-13) anyway. In reality, the spending power surrendered to get Prime access has fallen.

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