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Comment: nobody uses these things (Score 0) 1

by NemoinSpace (#47762205) Attached to: Seagate Ships World's First 8 Terabyte Hard Drive
They take too long to fill up. Too long to restore a backup. Too long to make a backup. We need more cloud... or maybe a beowulf cluster. But what we really need is to mandate recovery of magnets from hard drives. Which makes me wonder. What DID happen to all those CRT screens of yesteryear? Man we make a lot of garbage these days don't we?

Comment: Re:My 0.02 (Score 0) 457

by NemoinSpace (#47678135) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases
Not true. I would create a post ridiculing your statement regardless. Where did this whole "bully" concept come from anyway? I've been to Australia, those guys are wierd enough, but at least they don't whine like bitches. It seems the post cold war generation are a bunch of whining crybabies. I blame the French, but something tells me it's more deeply rooted than that. Oh wait, I forgot we're talking about a book written by some dope that hasn't done enough in her life to aquire perspective. Hey! maybe that's it. Maybe it's not the French's fault at all.
Browsing at -1 is still the best way to read Slashdot. What we need in beta is a +5 filter. Actually, we just need the +5 filter, keep bet under wraps for another 3 years or so.

Comment: Picasso didn't write documentation (Score 1) 199

by NemoinSpace (#47672503) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should You Invest In Documentation, Or UX?
Although their are plenty of books written by others to explain them. There's an analogy in there somewhere, it's not car analogy, but even automakers let Chilton's write their documentation. So, the answer is no you shouldn't waste your talent on scribe work if you are a genius.
Alternativley, if you need to explain what your program is doing to someone who presumeably bought your program with the expectation that it accomplishes their intended purpose, then maybe you aren't a genius after all.

Comment: Privacy is over rated. Pursuit of Liberty is key. (Score 0) 38

Privacy is a derived right and invokes unwritten rules of human nature such as judging other peoples actions. My freedom really should not be limited by your pea brained assessment of my actions or motives. Privacy is insidious and a bastion of cowards that are afraid their own morals won't stand up to scrutiny. No my freinds, I have the inarguable right to do whatever the hell I want to the point of death. The real debate should be whether the government should have the right to keep and bear arms rather than I. Governments really shouldn't be alllowed near guns, they have murdered a lot more innocent people than me, or my crackhead commie neighbor combined.

Comment: Re:Or... (Score 1) 254

by NemoinSpace (#47670217) Attached to: The Benefits of Inequality
We could stop assuming that, but it would be a bad assumption. We have several thousand years of direct observation that the average person "groks".
The real driver of the evolution of society came when the "Love thy neighbor" requirement was instituted. It works really well, and probably explains aa lot about the accension of modern man. The best part is that it can insert itself into any political system. Unfortunately, the latest fashion is for pseudo-intelectuals to throw the baby out with the bath water and search for the meaning of life inside of black holes. Sure, I'm viewing this in a biased way, and I don't recommend turning world governance back over to the 3 idiot sons of Charlemagne, I guess I'm convinced that if you believe in unalienable rights, it requires a belief in God. I've found that most people that don't believe in God come up with overly absurd assumptions and excuses because the alternative of loving your neighbor is really hard work and imposes direct personal responsibility. This in no way infringes on my right to keep and bear arms (just in case i haven't shoe-boxed enough).

Comment: Re:Cheaper drives (Score 1) 183

The key to recognizing "enterprise" drives is the price. Usually it winds up being 94% higher price than what people in the enterprise use - which is the cheapest shit they can get their hands on.
In a pinch, the enterprise guys will resort to canabalizing drives out of usb cases, where even the manufacturer has tried to mitigate the quality issues and burying them in low use cases. But the enterprise guys... those are the guys you need to ask. All in all, at a URE of 1x10^14 we are all pretty much hoping one of our backups is good. I remember the day my sys admin told me the daily backups were taking 23 hours. That was several weeks before he told me his test restore from backup failed. I REALLY LIKED THAT GUY.

Comment: Better ways to do it. (Score 0) 57

by NemoinSpace (#47664391) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Corporate Open Source Policy?
First let me say, there is nothing wrong with open source. But if you and your business associates are intent on giving stuff away for free, there's no reason to hang yourself with the GPL. Just bring your code and operations manual to the next convention and leave them on the table. At least your competitors might buy the drinks later.

Comment: Re:So, Samsung has decided to make the switch. (Score 1) 220

Dammit i meant dual pocessor i7's. Actually, I'm not sure what I meant, except to portray the fact that I'm pretty disgusted by living in a world where fuckheads still make a big deal out of some cheap stunt Edison pulled off 100 years ago. Retards.

Comment: So, Samsung has decided to make the switch. (Score 1) 220

From being a manufacturer of throw away drug dealer phones to a manufacturer of phones that drug dealers want to steal. Still, they are going to have a hard time competing against the upcoming Windows 12 units with dual core I7's, especially if they throw in the cooling tower/battery backpack.
Go ahead and mod this as a troll if you want. Anyone who writes an article portraying Samsung or Apple as relevant tech companies is just asking for it anyway.
Linux phones still have a chance to make the best contribution to convergence, but they will just piss it away like they did in every other area under the guise of freedom. That leaves us with some indian guy at Microsoft force feeding you the next generation of shit that even Intel doesn't want to make anymore

Comment: hint for the non apple people (Score 1) 191

by NemoinSpace (#47659137) Attached to: Reversible Type-C USB Connector Ready For Production
A dot of white nail polish will mark the proper orientation of a usb connector for approximately 800 units. Manufacturers actually used to spend the extra 2 cents per 1000 units to do this for you. But we buy our shit from china now, and all we have left in the UdotS is people think up ways to screw you just a little more. Because you demand it.

Comment: Re:Old DOES = Bad (Score 2) 393

by NemoinSpace (#47659071) Attached to: 3 Congressmen Trying To Tie Up SpaceX
Hate to break the news to you son. Old geezers have been sending the kids to fight their wars for centuries. You might also consider the average geezer has been messing with women longer then you've been alive. Now THAT is stamina.
Don't take this the wrong way. We admire our youth. I just hope you live long enough to become one of us.

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