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The Truth About Solar Storms 58

Posted by timothy
from the deepen-the-basement dept.
StartsWithABang (3485481) writes On Wednesday, The Washington Post ran a story about a very large solar flare two years ago that missed Earth, but not by too much. From a scientific point of view, what is it that happens when a solar flare interacts with Earth, and what are the potential dangers to both humans and humanities infrastructure? A very good overview, complete with what you can do — as both an individual and a power company — to minimize the risk and the damage when the big one comes. Unlike asteroids, these events happen every few centuries, and in our age of electronics, would now create a legitimate disaster.

Comment: Re:I had a Chuckle (Score 1) 124

Eric Garner probably would not have survived being tarred and feathered either which is probably why the hole thing was outlawed. Unfortunately, Eric didn't understand simple wisdom. NEVER argue with a cop. That is what lawyers are for. Always strive to survive your trip to see a judge. Never talk to a cop. Cops don't specifically set out to kill you, that i just an added bonus. They simply want to excercise their authority over you, which they have. Usually you can recognize cops by their jackboot uniforms and shiny badges and guns. Unfortunately for Eric he was approached by a "plainclothed" thug. He didn't have a chance to run away. Eric was not given a citation for a court appearance. He was just killed, mostly by accident. I mean, I don't know how 4 guys decide to assault someone by accident, but it's not like they al emptied their revolvers in the hope that one or two bullets ould find their target.

Siberian Discovery Suggests Almost All Dinosaurs Were Feathered 124

Posted by Soulskill
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A new study published in Science (abstract) suggests that most dinosaurs were covered with feathers. This conclusion was drawn after the discovery of fossils belonging to a 1.5-meter-long, two-legged dinosaur called Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus. "The fossils, which included six skulls and many more bones, greatly broaden the number of families of dinosaurs sporting feathers—downy, ribboned, and thin ones in this case—indicating that plumes evolved from the scales that covered earlier reptiles, probably as insulation." Its distinctiveness from earlier theropod fossil discoveries suggests that feathered dinosaurs appeared much further back in history than previously thought. Paleontologist Stephen Brusatte said, "This does mean that we can now be very confident that feathers weren't just an invention of birds and their closest relatives, but evolved much deeper in dinosaur history. I think that the common ancestor of dinosaurs probably had feathers, and that all dinosaurs had some type of feather, just like all mammals have some type of hair."

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... which is why we don't allow something as innocuous as a box cutter in schools anymore. I tend to believe conspiracy theories, and actually favor the inevitable constitutional debates that follow. Invariably, an idiot shows up and slices and dices himself because he doesn't have the tool handling ability of a bronze age neanderthal. Society then intervenes to preserve the gene pool. It's perplexing.

Comment: Eric Garner is exinct. (Score 1) 257

There is no need for me to take sides. You may think that in the large scheme of things, Eric Garners passing is insignificant. That is the real debate.
One thing is certain. Eric was important enough to me to log in and improve the odds of a flame war. You see, I may not have the wherewithall to alter the outcome of a society hell bent on its own destruction but, You've got to say: 'I'm a human being, god-dammit! My life has value! ... Now I want you to get out of your chairs...

Comment: Re:say wha? (Score 1) 68

He said, don't bring your laptop to hacker shows in Malaysia. But if you *do* manage to get it through airport securitI, and not have it stolen by baggage handlers *don't* click on flash. Because downloading pr0n in Malaysia is illegal. Just stay home and use NSA approved safe methods of browsing. Oh, and if your the type that carries sensitive information on your cell phone, well, die then.

Comment: 2045 is gonna be the Year of the Linux desktop (Score 1) 564

Just wait your turn. Besides, we are almost out of natural intelligence now! I'm afraid AI is our only option. But will we have color choices? Which color will be the smartest AI? Who decides? I realize this could start an AI race war, but if you make them all the same color, i'm afraid i'm not interested.

Comment: Re:Well (Score 5, Funny) 564

Not multi threads, that's for sure. Of course computers will take over the world. Programmers leave all those unused cores lying around doing nothing and that's trouble. You gotta keep those registers full, and i mean all the time. Either that or just feed them some chip-porn. That'll keep em busy.

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