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Comment: Re:Lemme guess.... (Score -1, Troll) 234

by NemoinSpace (#46811317) Attached to: Intentional Backdoor In Consumer Routers Found
What's with all the NSA stuff already? Your ISP is tired of sending out techs to swap your perfectly good leased router that the tech from india was unable to talk you into resetting, because you would have lost your pirate bay port forwarding setup. Just because the tech from india is following a script, doesn't mean your not stupid.
Or to paraphrase Obama, - "you didn't build that internet!" . We have come a long way since Al Gore, haven't we?

Comment: Re:"just like physicists!" (Score 1) 95

by NemoinSpace (#46811217) Attached to: The Limits of Big Data For Social Engineering
Sure, but ultimately we are talking about predictive behavior, and oddly enough the problem becomes binary, thusly:
In an easily controlled environment a person will be given 2 options, or choices if you will. One will be relatively innocuous and maybe even related to the subject at hand. The other will be a horrendously stupid choice that may result in damage to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness.
There will be a large warning banner on the top of the screen advising participants: Do not look directly at the screen when making your choice.
Nature insists on allowing for the possibility of humans to correctly interact with her - and bets against them.

Comment: Re:One word: FUD (Score 2) 270

FUD? I didn't even know we had a Congressional EMP Commission. I feel much better now. I think we should all vote to re-elect all our congressmen so they can continue their great work. What do the rest of you dumbasses think? Wait for the next election, to get the punchline.

Comment: Re:I would think (Score 0) 374

by NemoinSpace (#46801561) Attached to: OpenSSL Cleanup: Hundreds of Commits In a Week
I think it's incumbent on the original project to rename itself BrokenSSL. Just to avoid confusion.
OK, not to avoid confusion, just to give them another chance at adopting a freakin convention held by others. Besides, BrokenSSL flows off the tongue much better than - Steaming_Pile_of_Shit_OpenSSL.

Comment: Re:Ye Olde "drill bit through the platters?" (Score 1) 128

by NemoinSpace (#46129293) Attached to: Where Old Hard Disks (with Digital Secrets) Go To Die
Not if you are counting on the disk spinning. But if you are seriously going through the trouble because your data *is* really sensitive, (even a HIPPA breach is a serious liability), then i suggest to you that all the sections of the disk without holes are pretty much readable. So, the long and short of this is, if you have a real need to destroy data, better not leave it up to the kid with the Ryobi.

Comment: Re: Why are they putting a number on the amount of (Score 0) 531

thanks for not actually saying anything but succeeding in being a real dick about it. I get in these moods too when conversing with morons who wouldn't know what to think if you unscrewed their heads and filled them in.
oh, what was my point again? doesn't matter whether snowden is hero or zero. You're a dick.

Comment: those that confuse money and wealth are truly poor (Score 1) 366

but i've come to expect it from the same people that don't believe in God. Most of the advice and sentiment and argument i see here is really lacking on both sides because they worship money. And they don't even know why. just for the record, i prefer being rich. but it's probably due to enjoying what i work for. some of the best times of my life were on a very low budget.

"The medium is the message." -- Marshall McLuhan